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Accidents Involving Bicycles

Accidents involving automobiles and bicycles can lead to severe injury and death. Similar to other auto accidents, we must evaluate which party was negligent in a bicycle accident, and to what degree.

Both drivers and cyclists are required to obey the rules of the road, so we have to analyze the circumstances in depth to determine culpability.

Who is at fault in a bicycle accident?

Driver negligence can include speeding, running a stop sign or traffic light, drifting into the bike lane, or otherwise distracted driving (texting, for example).

Cyclist negligence can include riding the wrong way on a one-way street, running a stop sign, and turning abruptly into traffic

As you might imagine, analyzing a stressful situation like this, which likely happened very quickly, is challenging. This is something best left to MG Law. We know the ins and outs of Georgia driving regulations, so you can trust us to get you what’s right.

Get the care you need after a bicycle accident

Additionally, the longer you wait to obtain legal counsel, the longer you might wait for medical treatment. Our team of experts will negotiate with insurance companies to get you checked out by the appropriate medical professionals as soon as possible to prevent any further injury. This step is crucial to your healing.

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