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If you have been in a car accident…

You know what a jarring, if not traumatic, experience it can be. And once the accident itself is over, you may be looking down a long road of physical and emotional recovery, which will affect your ability to work and enjoy the same quality of life you had before.

This will naturally be daunting, between obtaining legal counsel, deciding what medical treatment to accept, and the uncertainty of your physical and emotional well-being after a car accident is finally settled. Let MG Law come in and work for you.

Experienced Car Accident Attorney in Conyers

As expert counsel, we can advise what tests and screenings you should have performed by a medical professional to ensure we obtain all the facts about any injuries you may have sustained. Don’t pass on valuable, time-sensitive treatment because of uncertainty if the other insurance company will cover it. We can start you in rehabilitation programs sooner than you might think. Waiting to get tests and treatments, or skipping them entirely, can severely limit your ability to recover 100%. Please note this applies even if you don’t have health insurance.

Common injuries sustained in car crashes include seat belt injury, head trauma, back and neck damage, broken bones, scarring and paralysis. If you have been injured in a car accident, make sure to take daily notes of what symptoms you are experiencing, including pain and discomfort levels as well as any anxiety and/or depression you might experience. Also include any loss of wages as a result of your injuries.

Car accident liability

Proving liability in an accident can be challenging. However, some cases are more clear-cut than others and are considered to have “no-doubt” liability. These include situations where the other driver is almost always at fault, such as if someone rear-ends your vehicle. Drivers are expected to stop safely if there is traffic ahead, so if he or she is unable to, the driver is assumed to not be driving as safely as you. However, there are exceptions to this wherein you can be deemed “comparatively negligent.” An example would be if one or both of your tail lights are out and the accident occurs at night. Another instance of “no-doubt” liability would be if your vehicle is struck while you are going straight and the other car is making a left turn. Again, there are exceptions, such as if the car headed straight is going excessively fast.

If the other driver is proven to be negligent, the victim of a car accident is entitled to all costs associated with his or her medical treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the amount of lost wages they occurred, both real and potential. Additionally, Georgia law allows for victims to recover punitive damages under certain circumstances, including if the other driver was intoxicated or otherwise reckless at the time of the accident.

MG Law wants you to get back to your former lifestyle as soon as possible and offer you all the compensation you deserve from injuries sustained. We look forward to helping you.