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Drug Injury Attorney

If you have been negligently hurt by harmful prescription drugs, the drug company may be liable for any damages you incurred. Drug injuries could come from improper manufacturing, labeling or prescribing by a physician.

In 2014, the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recalled over 800 pharmaceutical drugs, many because the drugs in question were likely to cause serious adverse health consequences or death.

Wrongful death because of drugs

So how did these drugs get through FDA approval? The problem with the FDA is that the government is not perfect, and it doesn’t help when they receive imperfect drug information from the insurance companies. However, getting FDA approval does not remove the pharmaceutical company’s responsibility.

Ambitious drug companies sometimes fail to include all the risks of a drug, hoping that their medicine would be more attractive for doctors to prescribe with less risk attached to it. That being said, a lot of these companies are so massive, they opt to pay out millions in settlement rather than include every risk associated with that drug. It’s more financially viable for them.

Challenging a drug company in court

Defective drug cases are more challenging than others, because most don’t require “experts” to prove your case. In this kind of case, we need to bring in a medical professional to show how the drug scientifically affected your body, causing harm.

However, the drug corporation will have their own experts who will try to dissolve your claim and remove themselves of any responsibility.

You’re going to need a strong team to go up against a large drug company. Let MG Law get you the settlement you deserve.