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Sometimes, the fault is clear and easy to see.
When a pedestrian is run over by a vehicle, it is usually a very clear case when it comes to fault. But, occasionally, we get the opportunity to represent a victim with even more right standing.
We are honored to represent individuals from the military and public servants, specifically our local law enforcement.
You may have heard on the news recently about an escaped convict. A local sheriff’s deputy was run over while trying to apprehend this escaped convict. Anyone receiving injuries because of someone else’s poor judgment deserves justice and the best care possible. We believe this to be a universal right, no matter what the occupation. But we are honored to stand with our local law enforcement in this case.
We are thankful for the courage and dedication displayed by the local sheriff’s deputies. In the face of tumultuous times, they put on a uniform every morning and head out to work, unknowing what the day might bring their way. They do all this just to keep the public safe from the very people that put them in harm’s way.
When someone intentionally harms one of our police officers, we are proud to represent that individual. They deserve every single bit of justice we can squeeze out of the case, and representing them with the strongest case possible is the least we can do to assist with their unfortunate circumstance.

If you have been in a car accident

Car crash damage
Now, you may not be a member of the local law enforcement, but we will fight for you in much the same way if you have been the victim of a car accident. If the accident was unintentional or if someone was intending to harm you, the fact is that you deserve justice. You need a strong case with a strong attorney because the defense will also bring their best case to avoid fault.
We are proud experienced Georgia car accident attorneys and know the laws that can help you if you have been a victim of a car accident. We can help you understand the laws that impact you, the result of alleged violations, and we can help you understand how a person’s case can be impacted by violating those laws.
If you have been involved in a car accident, we urge you to contact an attorney right away. You need to contact an experienced Georgia car accident attorney.
Many elements of a car accident case are time-sensitive and could be overlooked easily if the attorney is not experienced in car accident cases. We will identify key factors that will impact your outcome at the earliest portion of your case.
multi car accidentFor example, if you sustained any injuries in the car accident, even if they seem minor at the time, you need to have them documented by a medical professional. You never know when even the most minor of injuries can evolve into a very painful and expensive situation. With proper medical documentation early on, it will be much easier to secure compensation to help pay for the expenses related to your injuries. We suspect this tip alone has saved our clients tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars in recouped medical expenses.
Even the most deliberate and attentive driver can be a victim in a car accident. If you or a loved one have been involved in a car accident, reach out to a personal injury attorney specializing in car accident cases immediately.
You can rest at night with peace of mind trusting that your car accident case is in the great care of an experienced personal injury attorney that knows how to fight for you and wants to help you win the justice you deserve. We are proud to support our local law enforcement in this case and will fight just the same if you have been the victim of a car accident.

Personal Injury Attorney in Covington

injury attorney talking with clientEveryone who is injured because of someone else’s carelessness deserves justice, whether in a car accident or even in the workplace. The fact still remains that some person or organization was reckless or negligent, and the victim should not carry the burden of the accident alone.
Sometimes, the fault of the accident is difficult to identify. Typically, the individual at fault in a car accident will try to claim that something else caused the accident for which they are responsible.
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