truck crashes into car

Spinal Cord Injuries From Truck Accidents

By | Truck Accidents

Spinal cord injuries are the type of catastrophic injury that can completely change a victim’s life. The spinal cord is incredibly sensitive and runs up the tunnel of the spinal column. Nerves branch of the spinal cord and carry signals from it to the rest of the body. Commercial trucks…

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Free Webinar Resources

By | Community

FREE CVN Webinar Building a Solo Practice to Withstand a Pandemic Featuring Michael Geoffroy & Gordon Glover Register for the webinar here. Resources for Thursday, February 11th’s Webinar:  Intake Source  Active Cases  Closed & Settled Cases 

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Car crash damage

How Does Physical Evidence Come into Play?

By | Personal Injury

Physical evidence is the bedrock of a personal injury lawsuit. Without physical evidence, it can be nearly impossible to prove that an accident occurred or to prove the identity of a hit-and-run driver. Physical evidence takes many forms, but we encourage our clients to carefully preserve as much physical evidence…

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