Blown Tires Can Cause Serious Car Accidents

Accidents Caused By Blown Tires

The American highway system is a wonderful web of routes that everyone with a vehicle can use. One of the biggest uses of the motorway system is to transport goods around the country. The job of moving the goods fall to the behemoths of the road: the eighteen-wheelers. It is rare to find yourself on the interstate or highway and not to see one of these colossal vehicles. Due to their size, eighteen-wheelers are quite dangerous, and driving beside them can be intimidating. One of the greatest dangers these trucks possess is something most people do not even consider. A tire blowout could happen at any time, and the results are catastrophic for the surrounding traffic.

A tire blowing out is different from a flat tire. A flat tire is merely the loss of air pressure inside the tire. A tire blowout is the explosive release of the compressed air. When the air compressed inside the tire explodes, the tire surrounding the air is obliterated and thrown off the wheel of the truck. Losing a single tire can cause a massive truck to lose control and stability, making it one of the scariest hazards on the road. Any driver or pedestrian near the truck when its tire blows out is immediately in danger from several different threats.

Three common tire explosion threats are:

  • The torn remains of the tire often fly off the wheel at incredible speeds. Being in the path of one of these tires can do significant damage to another vehicle and may cause casualties if it hits pedestrians.
  • An eighteen-wheeler truck loses a considerable amount of stability when it is transformed into a seventeen-wheeler truck. The loss of balance could cause the truck to lose control and crash, or turn on its side. Regardless of the form the resulting crash takes, a massive chunk of metal is out of control.
  • It is common for large trucks to carry dangerous materials in them. The hazardous materials could fall onto the road if they flip or crash.

Blown Tire Accidents

Accidents caused by a blown-out tire are often destructive and expensive. The reasons for these types of accidents are often due to a driver’s negligence, inexperience, or a situation on the road that the driver was unable to avoid.

Liability in Truck Accidents Caused By Blown Tires

It is the responsibility of the trucking companies to ensure that their trucks are in proper condition before they begin to drive. They must have a maintenance schedule for the vehicle so that a professional can catch a problem with the truck before it causes a catastrophe on the road. A company that does not take its maintenance responsibility seriously will put its drivers at risk, as well as their vehicles. Failing to keep trucks in working order can be seen as negligence in court as well, so a company that fails to comply may find itself buried in lawsuits.

Improper tire inflation can also cause a tire to fail explosively. Tires are made to support a specific amount of air, and deviation from that amount increases their risk of failure. Too much air in the tire can cause prime it to explode purely from its internal pressure. An underinflated tire leaves space for heat to enter the tire. The heat then causes the air to expand, which creates the same problem like an over-inflated tire. In both scenarios, the negligent party depends on why the tires had an improper amount of air in them. If the tires are recently serviced, the company that performed the maintenance might be liable for the damages. If the truck has not been maintained for some time, the trucking company may be liable for failing to keep the vehicle in working order.

Occasionally, a tire blow can occur even if the truck is properly maintained. Road hazards can do considerable damage to tires, and are often difficult to avoid. Cracks, potholes, and uneven pavement can all damage a tire and even blow out. Objects in the road, like nails or glass, can also ruin tires and are harder to see than pavement imperfections. Negligence is hard to prove for accidents cause by road hazards because of the variety of road hazards.

Cases involving blown out eighteen-wheeler tires often include a large sum of money because of how destructive the truck accidents can be. If you or a loved has been hurt due to a truck accident caused by a blown-out tire, contact our office and let an experienced attorney fight for the compensation you deserve.

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