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By February 13, 2018Bike Accidents, Community

In Georgia, more often than not you will see people riding their bikes when running errands or going too and fro work rather than choosing to drive a vehicle or a motorcycle. This helps people keep a more active lifestyle while saving gas money and it gives them a sense of pride feeling they did their part in preventing air pollution. Even though the people of GA should be used to sharing the road with bikers, accidents still happen. If a biker is riding in the blind spot of a vehicle it can end in debilitating injuries or even death.

Michael Geoffroy and his team at MG Law love Georgia and the people in it which is why they have taken it upon themselves to make a change for the community. MG Law is asking you, your family, your friends, and your friend’s friends to electronically sign the Bike Parking Petition for Atlanta GA to support safer bike parking at the Atlanta Federal Building & Courthouse. There are not enough places for people to park their bikes when visiting the Courthouse. Currently, there are a few bike racks available off-site, but still, this is not good enough. Those who visit the courthouse via any form of transportation should have onsite access to safe parking.

Next time you drive, ride, or walk past the Richard B. Russell Federal Building & Courthouse, take a look around and you’ll notice something’s missing. Here’s a brief word from bike accident attorney Michael Geoffroy:


Commuting via bicycle is growing steadily in Atlanta. Once enough electronic signatures have been submitted, MG Law will be the voice of Atlanta’s bicyclists and show lawmakers that it’s time for change. Change including easy access to well-lit and safe bicycle parking. Hopefully this wont stop at the Courthouse, but inspire lawmakers to check for safer bike parking all around the city of Atlanta. Please sign the petition to show that you support this cause.

If you ride a bicycle or support those who do, please help us make a difference by signing the petition.

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