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busy downtown intersections atlanta

10 Most Dangerous Intersections In Atlanta

By | Car Accident, Personal Injury

Crashes at intersections are common. According to the data collected and published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately one-third of all motor vehicle accidents reported in the United States happen in or around an intersection. While a crash can occur at any intersection, certain intersections are high-risk…

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crashed car

When is a Car Considered “Totaled”?

By | Car Accident

Another term for totaled is “total loss.” In many states, a statute spells out when a vehicle is considered a total loss after an accident. This matters, because an insured will not have to go get their vehicle repaired when it is a total loss. Instead, they usually get a…

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freeway accident

Freeway Car Accidents: What Happens Next?

By | Car Accident

Accidents on the freeway are different from other car accidents, such as fender benders in a parking lot. Vehicles on the freeway are traveling very fast, and many victims will suffer serious injuries as a result of the speed. If you were involved in a freeway accident, you might not…

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