Can you file a claim for a concussion?

Yes. A concussion is an injury that warrants compensation just like a broken bone or a shattered spine. Concussions can dramatically impair a person’s life, making it very hard for many of our clients to return to work and to earn income, which compounds the financial stress our clients feel after a wreck.

Filing a claim for a concussion is in many ways no different than filing any other claim. Hold onto paperwork showing how much you spent getting medical care for your concussion, including the costs of imaging tests (like CT scans) and prescription drugs to help you manage depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders.

However, filing a claim for a concussion does present some unique problems. A concussion can substantially reduce the quality of a victim’s life, so much compensation will come in the form of pain and suffering, which is harder to prove. You should keep a detailed journal that documents how the concussion has changed your life by making it hard to enjoy hobbies, spend time with family members, or go out into public. Meet with an attorney to discuss.