What types of things can I get reimbursed for after a car accident?

The purpose of bringing a claim after a car accident is to force the driver at fault to shoulder the full financial costs that the accident has caused. This means that you can typically receive reimbursement for:

  • Medical expenses, including the costs of surgery, doctor visits, prescription and over-the-counter drugs, and wheelchair or other devices. It doesn’t matter if your insurance picks up the tab; you can still receive compensation for the full costs of your medical care, including future medical care and rehabilitation.
  • Lost wages, including lost future wages if your injuries are so bad you can’t return to your old line of work. It doesn’t matter if you have sick time that you can use. You may still recover full compensation for time you couldn’t work.
  • Property damage, such as any damage to your vehicle. If your car needs repairs or is totaled, you can get money to repair or replace it. You can also receive reimbursement to fix any other property damaged.


Another source of compensation is for pain and suffering, which is an umbrella term describing the reduction in your quality of life because of the accident. Many victims suffer pain, inconvenience, depression, emotional distress, and other negative changes.