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Many people are being impacted in their daily work routines due to the COVID-19 pandemic which means children and families.  There are many unknown factors such as when they will return to work or if they will have money for their next meal. It is important for those able to volunteer and reach out to your community to get involved. COVID-19 is impacting everyone but it is affecting the less fortunate even more. Hunger and starvation are so preventable with the helping hands of charities like Action Ministries. No

child deserves to go hungry. That is why Action Ministries takes it upon themselves to make volunteering so easy and rewardable for all those involved.
This is why MG Law partnered with the Covington Housing Authority and volunteered their time to pass out food to their community. Stuffy lawyers need to remove their rose-colored glasses, step out of their comfort zone, get out of the office, and see the community around them. Why not dedicate a few hours a week to volunteer and be of service to the less fortunate?
During this unpredictable time, everyone needs to lend a helping hand. Not only did we provide nourishment to our community, but we were also able to build trust and strengthen our firm’s relationship. We were able to relax and get out of the rigid professional world we live in daily. We learned about the community we represent; How much they love and take care of each other and how happy they are to welcome us to be a part of them. We encourage you to come out of quarantine and be a helping hand to others in the fresh air and sunshine (Don’t forget your mask, gloves, and sanitizer and to social distance- 6 feet). 

How to find the best volunteer opportunity for you or your team

  • Look local: Reach out locally within your town and community and look for ways to serve others. You can do this by reaching out to your local housing authority and find ways to benefit your community locally. 
  • Reach out to charities: Reach out to nonprofits and charities such as Action Ministries. Action Ministries is constantly looking for volunteers to help serve others. Not only are you benefiting your community, but it is so rewarding to see the difference you’re making within others’ lives that are less fortunate than you. 
  • Find the need: During a global pandemic, it feels so rewarding to give your time to your local community. Look for ideas on many websites and businesses’ social media to match up with an opportunity to volunteer. 
  • Use your talents: Volunteering doesn’t have to be a hassle. Find ways to use your talents and passions to give back to the community. Many local hospitals are looking for others to sew masks for frontline workers. It can be as simple as a hobby you enjoy. 

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