What Can A Bicycle Accident Attorney Do For Me?

Unless you ride your bike frequently, you probably don’t give much thought to bicycle accident attorneys. On the other hand, if you ride a lot or even commute to work or school on your bike, then having a bicycle accident attorney on your speed dial is crucial. It seems like there’s a new bike accident story on the news every other day. Drivers don’t seem to be looking out for cyclists, so it’s that much more important that you look out for yourself.

We hope you never find yourself recovering from a bike vs. vehicle accident. But if you ride a lot, chances are you’ve had at least one or two close calls. It seems that roadways, shoulders and even bike lanes are a free-for-all these days. If you do find yourself in the unfortunate circumstance of a bicycle accident, here’s what you have to know about how a bicycle accident attorney can help you.

A Bicycle Accident Attorney Will Be Your Strongest Advocate

When you are recovering from moderate or extensive injuries, it can be hard to speak up for yourself. It can be tempting to take whatever settlement is offered. This is almost never a good idea. Insurance companies don’t want to pay you a penny more than they must. Getting a good lawyer on your side will give you a strong ally and advocate who can speak on your behalf.

An Attorney Offers Valuable Advice Based on Experience

A lawyer with some bike accident cases under his belt has the advantage of experience. That valuable experience gives your attorney the wisdom to know your best options to secure the settlement money you need. Having experience on your side means you can cut to the chase in your legal process.

A Bicycle Accident Attorney’s Staff Will Handle the Heavy Lifting for You

Gathering evidence, organizing documentation and filing paperwork all take time and energy – which you will have little of if you are healing from injuries. Letting a bike injury attorney and his staff handle your legal process allows you to focus your time and energy on getting better. After all, healing up and getting back to your normal life should be your primary concern.

Looking for an Experienced Bicycle Accident Attorney in Georgia?

LGO Law Firm’s attorneys have handled many bike accident cases for happy clients all over Georgia. Our team has the resources to get your settlement completed quickly and to your satisfaction. Let us take care of your paperwork. We will communicate with the insurance company on your behalf and work hard to secure the compensation you need and deserve.

Have questions about what a bicycle accident attorney can do for you? Contact LGO Law Firm online to get the answers.

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