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Bicycle accidents are some of the worst collisions on the road. Not only do many motorists act completely irresponsibly around cyclists, but those on a bike end up suffering terrible injuries. As part of our legal practice, we take great pride in helping injured victims hold reckless and negligent motorists accountable for the wreckage they cause.

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Common Types of Bicycle Accident Injuries

Georgia bike accidents can lead to serious injuries, and some of our clients have had their lives forever changed as a result.

Common injuries we’ve seen include:

  • Broken bones, including compound fractures. Some fractures need surgery to repair properly, and many victims are out of commission for months as their bones heal.
  • Road rash. Exposed skin can peel off as a person skids along the road. Road rash often requires skin grafts and antibiotics to prevent infection.
  • Nerve damage. The nerves in the back, neck, and arms are at an increased risk of permanent damage in a bicycle accident. Many victims need months of rehabilitation to regain functioning.
  • Traumatic brain injuries. Even if you are wearing a helmet, you can suffer a concussion or other devastating brain injury. Many people struggle for months with impaired memory and coordination, as well as trouble thinking and speaking.
  • Spinal cord injuries. These are some of the worst injuries. Any stretching, bruising, nicking, shredding, or cutting of the spinal cord can lead to lost sensation and movement. Many spinal cord injuries are permanent.

The costs to treat these and other injuries are often astronomical. For example, someone with a spinal cord injury can incur millions of dollars over a lifetime of medical expenses.

5 Steps to Take Following a Bicycle Accident

Knowing how to navigate the aftermath of a bicycle accident is essential to protecting your rights and getting the help you need.

Here is a step-by-step guide that can help you take control of the situation and maintain your composure:

  • Seek immediate medical attention: Your health and well-being should be your priority. If you’re injured, call emergency services or ask someone nearby to do so. Even if you don’t think your injuries are severe, it’s still important to get checked by a medical professional.
  • Document the incident: Collect as much information as possible about the accident. This may include taking photos or videos of the accident scene, the damaged bicycle, any visible injuries, and the surrounding area. If there were witnesses, try to gather their contact information as well.
  • File a police report: Contact the local police and report the accident. They will typically send an officer to the scene to document the incident. Provide them with all the relevant details and ensure you obtain a copy of the police report for your records.
  • Gather evidence and information: Obtain the necessary information from the driver involved in the accident, including their name, contact details, driver’s license number, license plate number, and insurance information. If there were any witnesses, ask them for their account of the accident and obtain their contact information as well.
  • Consult with a personal injury attorney: It’s advisable to consult with an injury attorney who has experience handling bike accidents. They can guide you through the legal process, evaluate your case, and help you understand your rights and options. They can also assist with communicating with insurance companies and pursuing any potential claims for compensation.

Compensation Available in Bicycle Accident Claims

Our legal team has helped our clients recover compensation for the following:

  • Medical bills for all medical care, including surgery, nights in the hospital, doctor visits, prescription drugs, physical therapy, and assistive devices like crutches.
  • Lost income, if our clients could not get back to work while they recovered.
  • Property damage, such as damage to the bicycle.
  • Pain and suffering, for the pain that comes with any bodily injury.
  • Emotional distress, for negative emotions traceable to the accident, such as depression, anger, anxiety, and embarrassment.

Many clients want to know how much they can receive. Generally, you can receive 100% of economic losses for things like lost wages and medical care, so long as you did not contribute to your crash.

Other compensation, for pain and suffering or emotional distress, is more subjective.

Speak with an experienced Georgia bicycle accident attorney for a more accurate estimation.

How Much Room Do Drivers Have to Give Bicyclists on the Road?

Anyone who has ridden a bicycle knows that most motorists do not like sharing the road with those of us on two wheels. The honks, the stares, the offensive gestures—all send one message, loud and clear: get off the road.

Unfortunately, many motorists also drive aggressively around bicycles, refusing to treat those of us on two wheels as they would other four-wheeled passenger cars. Many motorists follow much too closely and end up causing collisions.

Under the rules of the road in Georgia, a bicycle is a “vehicle,” just like a passenger vehicle or truck. This means that other vehicles on the road must give a bicycle as much room as they would give another car.

As a result, motorists cannot try to pass a bicycle in the same lane and try to force you over to the shoulder in the process. They also must give adequate room so that they do not crash into the bicycle if it needs to suddenly stop.

When motorists do not give bikes adequate space, they are often negligent, and you can hold them responsible for the accident and your injuries.

Contact an Experienced Georgia Bicycle Accident Lawyer

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You need compassionate legal guidance, and you can find it by contacting the bicycle accident lawyers in Covington at MG Law. Our lawyers understand how to maximize the compensation a client receives, as we have handled countless bicycle accident cases. Our results speak for themselves, and we are happy to discuss your case with you.

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