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Personal Injury Attorney in Stonecrest

Accidents and injuries happen much more often than they should in the Stonecrest area and throughout the state of Georgia. Whether you are involved in a car crash on I-20 or get hurt in a slip-and-fall accident at a restaurant, you should know that an experienced Stonecrest personal injury lawyer can help with your case. To be sure, personal injuries can happen almost anywhere, from your place of employment to a retail establishment to a doctor’s office.
At MG Law, we are dedicated to providing aggressive representation to each of our clients. Many personal injuries are preventable, and only occur because another party behaved negligently or acted in a destructive manner. We are committed to helping our clients obtain the best possible settlement offers or verdicts. An advocate at our firm can get started on your case today and can discuss strategies for moving forward with your claim.

Our highly-skilled legal team is always ready to assist with any injury cases, such as:

Different Types of Stonecrest Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury law includes many different types of cases. In general, personal injury law is an area of the law that is designed to allow an injury victim to file a civil lawsuit to seek damages for their injuries. Since accidents and injuries occur in so many different ways and in such distinct settings, personal injury cases also vary greatly. The dedicated advocates at MG Law handle many different types of personal injury cases, including but not limited to the following:

  • Motor vehicle collisions, including car crashes, trucking collisions, pedestrian and bicycle accidents, cases involving uninsured motorists, and accidents caused by drunk drivers;
  • Premises liability lawsuits, including slip and fall accidents and negligent security claims;
  • Accidents and injuries in the workplace, including traumatic accidents at construction sites and repetitive motion injuries;
  • Medical negligence claims, including medical mistakes, surgical errors, and other types of claims that can give rise to a medical malpractice lawsuit;
  • Professional malpractice claims more generally, including medical malpractice, dental malpractice, and legal malpractice;
  • Product liability cases;
  • Animal attacks and dog bite injuries; and
  • Wrongful death claims.

Our attorneys handle many other types of personal injury cases, even if they’re not listed here.

What Happens During a Personal Injury Case?

Every personal injury case is as unique as the people involved. However, many Georgia personal injury cases involve the following steps. 

Seek Medical Attention

You should seek medical attention if you’re involved in an accident. You may not realize the severity of your injuries immediately, but you should still see a doctor. Plus, medical records are significant evidence.

Hire an Attorney

A Stonecrest personal injury lawyer can evaluate your case, collect witnesses and evidence, and calculate your potential compensation. They will also initiate settlement discussions with the responsible party.

File a Lawsuit

You’ll have to file a complaint and summons with the court and have them served on the defendant. The defendant will then answer the complaint.


Here, the parties will exchange documents and witness information. You may also be deposed, where you answer the other party’s questions under oath.

Settlement Discussions

Throughout the process is the opportunity to negotiate a settlement. Sometimes you may use mediation, where a neutral third party will try to help both sides settle.


If the case doesn’t settle, you’ll go to trial. Both sides will present their cases with witnesses and evidence. Either a judge or jury will then make the final decision. 

Time Limit for Filing a Stonecrest Personal Injury Claim

It is important for injury victims and their families to know that there is a time limit when it comes to filing a claim. Under Georgia law (O.C.G.A. § 9-3-33), this is known as the statute of limitations, and it is two years for most types of personal injury claims. What does this mean in terms of the timetable of your lawsuit? Your claim does not have to be completed within two years from the date of the accident or injury, but it does need to be filed within two years from the date that you got hurt. For example, if you were injured in a motor vehicle collision on April 30, 2018, you must file your lawsuit within two years from that date or else you can lose your right to seek compensation.
You should keep in mind that the sooner you get started on your case with the help of a Stonecrest personal injury lawyer, the quicker you can be eligible to receive compensation. If you or someone in your family sustained significant injuries, an advocate at MG Law can help.

How a Stonecrest Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help

Nobody who has been injured because of someone else’s wrongful act or negligent behavior should have to face physical pain and intellectual suffering or the financial consequences of the injury. At MG Law, we know that financial compensation can never truly compensate an injury victim for all of her losses, but a fair settlement or damages award certainly can help an injury victim to continue the process of recovery and to hold the responsible party accountable for its actions.

The team at MG Law has experience negotiating settlements for our injury clients, which can allow an injury victim to receive compensation faster than if the case goes to trial. At the same time, rest assured that we have the experience necessary to take your case to court. If the other side will not offer a fair settlement, we will seek a winning jury verdict that will help to compensate you for your losses.

Personal Injury Case Examples in Stonecrest, GA

There are many different types of personal injury cases in Stonecrest and throughout the state of Georgia. We know how important it is to work with a lawyer who knows how to develop successful strategies for different types of claims. Fortunately, our Stonecrest personal injury attorneys have years of experience handling personal injury cases, obtaining strong settlement offers, and winning jury verdicts for our clients.
Given that there are numerous kinds of personal injury cases, it might seem like yours is distinct from other types of cases we have handled. However, our firm has approached numerous injury claims that vary from car accident cases to wrongful death lawsuits.
For instance, many personal injury lawsuits involve a motor vehicle collision. Sometimes this is a one-vehicle collision that occurred because of a dangerous roadway that was poorly maintained by the property owner or because of a defective automobile part with either a design defect or a manufacturing defect. In other cases, these collisions involve two or more vehicles and happen because of another driver’s negligence. Perhaps the driver of a large truck was too drowsy or fatigued to be behind the wheel, or maybe another motorist was distracted or driving under the influence of alcohol.
At MG Law, we also handle medical negligence cases and other forms of professional malpractice. When we seek services from a professional, such as a surgeon or a dentist, we should be able to expect that they will provide adequate care that will not cause injury. However, professionals make serious errors, and those errors can result in significant patient injury. Victims of professional malpractice may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to seek financial compensation.

When a loved one sustains fatal personal injuries, the surviving family members may be able to seek compensation through a wrongful death claim. Our firm can speak with you about your options.

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Were you recently injured in Stonecrest, Georgia? Was someone you love hurt or killed in a preventable accident in the Stonecrest area? You may be eligible to file a claim for financial compensation. While it can be difficult to consider a lawsuit when you are facing physical and emotional pain, you should not have to deal with the financial consequences of another party’s bad actions or poor choices. A Stonecrest personal injury lawyer at our firm can help you to hold the liable party responsible. For a free consultation, contact MG law online or give us a call at 678-210-6690.

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