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Many people throughout the country are familiar with class-action lawsuits; however, there are various additional types of mass tort claims that could potentially apply to a case.

Below, we have broken down the various types of mass tort claims and terms to help familiarize you and your loved ones with some of the terms and options that you might encounter when pursuing justice on a mass tort claim.

Product liability:  Products Liability occurs when you or a loved one is injured by a product that is determined to be dangerous or defective.  There are multiple cases which have occurred throughout the US over the past few years.  Some well known products liability cases that you might be familiar with are outlined below.

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  • Ford Pinto Case: Ford was found liable for continuing to produce and sell a car which had known design problems which could lead to the vehicle exploding if rear ended in a car crash.  The design of the car placed the gas tank outside of the protective fame of the vehicle and directly in front of the rear bumper.
  • Ford and Firestone Case: This case is typically known as the Explorer Roll Over case.  Both Ford and Firestone were found to have flaws in their products which resulted in multiple fatalities due to vehicle roll overs.  The basic issue at fault was that the Firestone Tires were heating up and bursting, in part due to the guidelines set forth by Ford which recommended a Tire Pressure that was much too low for the design of the tire.
  • Toyota and Takato Airbag Recall:  In short, this recall involved a flawed design with the Takata Airbag system which could release improperly and cause injury or death due to metal shrapnel which would impact passengers.
  • Talcum Powder Lawsuits
  • Bair Hugger Warming Blankets Lawsuits
  • Xarelto Lawsuits
  • Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuits
  • Syngenta GMO Corn Litigation

Multi-County Litigation (MCL): When multiple similar product liability claims are filed in various counties in the state court system, a court may group them together into an MCL to help move things along more quickly.

Multi-District Litigation (MDL): Like an MCL, when similar product liability claims are filed in federal courts in various states, a judicial panel may decide to group them into an MDL.

Bellwether trial: As part of the MDL process, one or a few claims are chosen as test cases to go to trial first. The outcomes of these cases will influence how others who have similar cases should proceed.

Global settlement: If the victims (or plaintiffs) win in a bellwether trial, the other side (or defendants) will generally make a global settlement offer to wrap up all of the other existing claims.

Class-action lawsuit: Class-action cases are different from MDL or MCL cases.  In a class-action lawsuit, there are multiple plaintiffs that consolidate their legal efforts into one large action, or “Class Action.” In many circumstances, individuals are not aware of class-action lawsuits, and that is why you often see advertisements to try to notify potential victims of a class-action claim.

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Often, Mass Tort cases are complex and may involve serious injury or even death.  Attorney Michael Geoffroy is equipped to navigate complex Mass Tort cases, and will aggressively pursue justice on behalf of those whom are injured.  If you think that you may have been injured through the result of corporate neglect, or a flaw in the manufacturing process, feel free to contact attorney Michael Geoffroy today at (770) 728-6263 for a free consultation with a mass tort lawyer in Conyers.

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$ 7M Medical Malpractice
$ 2M Commercial Truck Wrongful Death
$ 1.6M Wrongful Death by a Drunk Driver
$ 1M Tractor Trailer Wrongful Death
$ 700K DUI Accident
$ 400K Motorcycle Accident
$ 300K Car Wreck
$ 300K Paratrooper hit head-on by commercial vehicle
$ 200K Pedestrian hit in a crosswalk
$ 200K T-bone collision
$ 200K Chain Reaction Collision
$ 195K T-boned by tow truck
$ 155K Fall at a gas station
$ 150K Rear-end collision
$ 125K Rear-end collision
$ 120K Child injured at daycare
$ 110K Rear-end collision
$ 110K Commercial Vehicle Collision
$ 105K Run off Road by aggressive driver
$ 102K Rear-ended by driver who fell asleep
$ 100K T-bone Collision
$ 100K Rear-ended by driver on cell phone
$ 100K Officer rear-ended by drunk driver

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