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Everyone slips and falls at some point. But most of us get back up and continue on our way. Nevertheless, some falls are so serious that they leave injured victims holed up in the hospital or at home to nurse their injuries, costing them thousands of dollars.

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Reasons for Slip and Fall Accidents

A pedestrian can slip and fall on anything that is slick, such as:

  • Freshly mopped floors
  • Recently waxed floors
  • Spilled liquids
  • Wet leaves on the sidewalk
  • Pooled rainwater in parking lots
  • Ice
  • Condensation that has collected on floors
  • Worn treads
  • Poorly lit stairways

Another large group of people can trip over foreign objects that have been left on the floor. Even the most careful pedestrian cannot watch their feet the entire time, so these accidents will continue to occur.

Slip and Fall Accident Injuries

The injuries a person will suffer depend on many factors, such as their age, overall health, and how they landed. Many of our clients have suffered from the following:

  • Broken bones, including compound fractures. The elderly in particular are at high risk of breaking bones during a fall.
  • Bruises. A bruise can be relatively minor, but a serious bruise can damage tissue around it, including nerves.
  • Sprains. Many people try to twist their bodies when they fall and can end up spraining their back or ankle. Sprains often clear up with rest and ice, but serious sprains could require surgery to fix.
  • Joint injuries. Because joints are complex, any damage can be difficult to repair. Serious joint injuries might require a total replacement of the joint.
  • Spinal cord injuries. Any damage to the spinal cord can result in impaired sensation or mobility.
  • Internal organ injuries. Organs can bleed after a fall, and it might be difficult to find out where you are bleeding.
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBI). A TBI can leave a person with impaired memory, speech, cognition, mobility, sleep, or personality. TBIs often require extensive rehabilitation so that the victim can recover functioning.

If you have been injured in a fall, it is important that you get immediate medical treatment to improve your chances of making a full recovery.

Georgia Slip and Fall Law

Georgia law requires that property owners keep their property in a reasonably safe condition. If they don’t, then they open themselves up to legal liability when someone injures themselves after slipping or tripping.

Property owners or occupiers can break the law in many ways, such as:

  • Failing to inspect their property regularly to find hazards
  • Failing to fix a hazard they know about
  • Failing to warn visitors of a dangerous conditions, such as wet floors

For example, a store owner should regularly inspect the aisles of their store to see if any liquids have been spilled, and they should clean them up promptly. Store owners should also clear up any spills that they have actual knowledge of. If a customer tells them that a jar of pickles is smashed on the floor, the owner should not leave the jar there for hours.

Similarly, store owners should warn customers when they have freshly mopped the floors. This will give customers notice they should use caution. If an owner fails to put up a sign, then they might be liable for any falls.

Private property owners also have duties to people they invite onto their property. If an owner knows that they have wet leaves on their walkway, they should probably clean them up before their guests come by and slip on them.

The key is whether the property owner exercises “ordinary care,” which is the standard set by Georgia statute. This law does not require that owners be heroic or take extraordinary care, but they cannot be less careful than the ordinary person.

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Call our slip and fall lawyer today. After a slip and fall, you probably have medical expenses, and you might also be unable to work. At our firm, we have helped many victims receive compensation to cover medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. The amount each client has received depends on many factors, such as the severity of their injuries and how obvious it was that the property owner was negligent.

Call us today. One of our Covington slip and fall accident attorneys will meet with you for a free consultation where we can go over what happened and how you were injured. You should not delay. Georgia law gives injured victims a short amount of time to bring a lawsuit, and any delay could compromise your rights.

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