How does health insurance affect treatment for my injury?

Most people will need to rely on their health insurance immediately after an accident. Even if you get a settlement, it can take months before you reach an agreement, and you need medical treatment now. So people rely on their health insurance. They will have to pay their deductible and co-pays out of pocket, but you should get that money back when you reach a settlement.

Having health insurance should not really affect your treatment. You should receive all treatment in your doctor’s opinion that is necessary to make you well. Unless you need experimental treatment, the health insurer should agree to cover it.

Most health insurers include a right of subrogation in their health insurance policy. This means they have a right to be reimbursed out of any settlement or jury verdict that you obtain. For example, if your health insurer covers $25,000 in health care, then you will need to pay that amount back from your settlement proceeds.

Of course, if you don’t get a settlement or win a case, then the insurer does not have a right to anything.