Being in a car accident can uproot your life. It can force you to miss work, earn less money, and either repair or replace your car-through no fault of your own. If you were hit by an Amazon delivery driver, you may be able to pursue compensation from Amazon.  Hiring an Atlanta Amazon delivery accident attorney is critical if you want to obtain a fair recovery. Amazon is the sixth-largest company in the world; you do not want to take them on alone. 

The Amazon accident attorneys at MG Law provide leadership and tireless advocacy when you need it most. We understand that being in a crash with an Amazon driver can be frustrating, confusing, and intimidating to many people. Our job is to take on the legal aspect of the case to empower our clients to focus on their recovery and what matters most to them. 

What Are the Common Causes of Car Accidents in Atlanta, Georgia?

According to recent data released by the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles, the following accounted for 99,394 car crashes in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2021:

  • Distracted driving, 
  • Operating a vehicle while impaired, 
  • Speeding, and 
  • Aggressive driving. 

Amazon drivers face relentless pressure to increase “efficiency” and make deliveries faster. Because of the pressures to deliver packages quickly-and the potential costs if they do not- Amazon delivery drivers may cut corners and take risks to get the job done faster. These actions put others in harm’s way and can cause serious accidents. 

What You Need to Know About Proving Liability in an Amazon Delivery Accident

Georgia law has special rules about bringing a car accident claim against an Amazon driver and Amazon corporate. It’s important to understand these laws and regulations to put together an effective legal strategy to maximize your chances of a successful lawsuit. Every day counts when you are in a car accident, and having guidance from a knowledgeable attorney, like those at MG Law, can make all the difference. 

Special Rules About Amazon’s Auto Liability Insurance

Amazon hires staff drivers to complete deliveries on behalf of the company. They also contract with delivery service partners and Amazon Flex drivers who deliver packages for Amazon. Depending on the person’s relationship with the company and what they were doing at the time of the accident, the driver may qualify for coverage under Amazon’s commercial auto insurance policy. 

To be covered by Amazon’s commercial auto insurance policy, Amazon Flex drivers must carry the state-mandated minimum level of personal auto insurance when making deliveries. The driver must also have been actively delivering packages during their delivery block. 

Understanding the complex rules regarding Amazon’s commercial auto insurance can be overwhelming for some. This coupled with attempts by Amazon to convince them that they don’t have a claim can lead to people giving up-which is exactly what Amazon wants. An attorney can help victims understand their rights and serve as their advocate, helping to ensure that Amazon is held to account for its actions. 

You Typically Need to Prove the Elements of Negligence

Another important aspect of bringing a claim against an Amazon driver is proving the elements of negligence. Most personal injury claims are based on the theory of negligence, which requires the injury victim to prove four elements to have a valid lawsuit:

  • Duty,
  • Breach of duty,
  • Causation, and
  • Damages. 

The element of duty means that the Amazon driver owed the injury victim a duty to drive safely. You may prove this by showing that they were driving a vehicle at the time of the accident and you were on the road. 

The second element requires the injured victim to show that the driver failed to act reasonably or prudently under the circumstances. For example, you might establish this by showing that the driver blew a stop sign or was speeding. 

Finally, the victim must show causation and injury. In other words, they must prove that the driver’s conduct led to the accident and the victim’s injuries and that they suffered damages. An Amazon delivery car accident attorney at MG Law can help you gather the evidence you need to prove all four elements of negligence under Georgia law. 

Georgia Imposes a Deadline to Bring a Lawsuit

Another essential aspect to consider is that Georgia law imposes a deadline, called a statute of limitations, on the amount of time injury victims have to bring a claim against the at-fault party. If you fail to file your claim before the deadline expires, Georgia law may prevent you from holding the driver responsible for their actions. 

In most cases, the deadline to file a personal injury claim for a Georgia car accident is two years. The deadline may be longer or shorter than this, depending on the applicable law and your unique circumstances. An Amazon delivery accident lawyer can help you understand what deadlines apply in your case and help you take steps to avoid missing your deadline. 

Do You Need a Lawyer if You’re in a Crash with an Amazon Delivery Driver?

Georgia law doesn’t require you to have a lawyer to file a lawsuit against Amazon or the driver responsible for the crash, but it is especially important that you have one in this kind of case. Amazon has immense resources available to fight against injury victims, and it will use them to try to make you give up and accept as little as possible.. With an experienced lawyer, you can improve your chances of bringing a successful case. An experienced Amazon delivery accident attorney understands the intricacies of the law and the steps needed to hold Amazon and its negligent delivery drivers accountable. They’ll work tirelessly to pursue a just outcome for the injury victims. 

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