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Delivery trucks are also called “box trucks.” Many delivery companies like Fed Ex, UPS, Amazon, and DHL use these trucks to deliver packages downtown and all over. Even the U.S. Postal Service uses boxy delivery trucks, so they are hard to miss.

Delivery trucks can seriously injure motorists and pedestrians and are a clear threat to our roads. Because these trucks are constantly driving downtown, pedestrians are at risk of getting hit when standing on the curb or trying to cross the street.
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Why Delivery Trucks Are Dangerous

These trucks present unique threats to public safety, which is why they are involved in so many accidents. We tend to see delivery trucks get into accidents for the following reasons:

  • They are heavy and hard to maneuver. These big trucks are larger than most passenger sedans and do not easily take corners.
  • They have large blind spots. A driver could easily back into someone when putting the truck into reverse or strike a pedestrian when the driver tries to make a turn.
  • The drivers are working under pressure. Tight deadlines force delivery drivers to speed and take risks that can endanger public safety.
  • The driver is not adequately trained or overworked. Driving a delivery truck is not the same as driving a passenger sedan. Some companies have skimped on training or drug testing their employees. Drivers are limited by law as to how many hours they can drive. A sleepy driver is a dangerous driver.
  • The trucks are often not properly maintained. The brakes need regular service and are dangerous when not functioning 100%. The tires must be properly inflated and not too worn, otherwise the truck veer unexpectedly or slide on wet roads.

Delivery trucks also operate downtown during the busiest parts of the day. With so much traffic, it is unsurprising that they get into collisions.

Bringing a Lawsuit for a Delivery Truck Accident in Atlanta

If a delivery truck slammed into you, then you might be able to bring a legal claim. In our experience, injured victims can sue the following parties:

  • The delivery driver, if he or she was negligent. Drivers owe others on the road a duty of care, and they can be sued when they breach it. Some drivers are intoxicated or high when driving, or they are distracted by a cell phone. Others make simple, careless errors, such as failing to check their mirrors or to use a turn signal.
  • The delivery company. According to O.C.G.A. § 51-2-2, an employer is automatically liable for injuries their employees negligently cause in the normal course of their job. If a delivery driver carelessly clips you in the crosswalk, then you can automatically sue the employer.
  • A mechanic. A delivery truck might have malfunctioned due to negligent repairs, which means that the mechanic could be legally liable.
  • The truck manufacturer. If the truck was defective, then it might fail to work properly. This means that the manufacturer could be sued.

Contact an Atlanta delivery truck accident lawyer to review your case. It is not always obvious who is to blame for a collision, but a seasoned attorney can analyze all evidence and pinpoint the correct party.

Can You Sue Independent Contractors

Some delivery companies do not hire employees. Instead, they only hire people to work as independent contractors. The trend is to even allow them to make deliveries using their own vehicle. For example, a restaurant might hire delivery drivers to take orders to customers. Generally, employers are not responsible when an independent contractor injures someone.

However, Georgia law requires that we take a close look at whether the driver is really an employee instead of an independent contractor. The existence of a contract stating that the driver is an independent contractor is a good starting point, but that alone does not decide the issue.

Instead, we must look to see how much control the company has over the worker. If the company can control the time, manner, and method of how the worker performs their job, then the worker is more like an employee than an independent contractor. This means that the employer can be vicariously liable for any accidents the driver causes—even if the driver was using his own vehicle at the time of the wreck. Businesses tend to have much larger insurance policies, so suing a company is ideal.

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