Atlanta Small Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Many businesses use pickup trucks and other small commercial vehicles, including contractors, landscapers, and plumbers. They often give these vehicles to employees to use during the day, and some of them drive them home at night.

If you were injured in a crash with a small commercial truck, then you should meet with an attorney. In many ways, these cases are no different than if you were struck by a person driving their own pickup truck. However, because a business owns or leases the truck, you might be able to sue them for compensation if you have the right personal injury attorney in Atlanta representing you.

Assigning Liability For An Accident

At MG Law, we start a case by trying to figure out what happened. Often, there are two motorists who were involved in the crash, and we need to identify which one is at fault for the accident. Fault can take many forms, such as violating a traffic rule or simply being careless.

In many cases, any of the following could be at fault for the accident:

  • A truck driver. This person could have driven recklessly or made some other traffic error, such as failing to yield or not using their mirrors properly. If the driver is to blame, we need to figure out if he caused the accident while in the normal course of employment.
  • The company that owns the truck. The owner could be different than the driver. A company could let an employee use a commercial truck as a company vehicle. The company could be at fault for various reasons. For example, it might not have had the truck properly serviced. Businesses can also be vicariously liable when their employees injure someone in the normal course of employment.
  • The truck manufacturer. Some defects in the truck’s design or manufacture could make it dangerous. Trucks and component parts are recalled all the time when manufacturers realize that they do not work as anticipated.

There may be other responsible parties, but this is a good list to start. We fully canvass the record to determine who is to blame and, in some cases, sue more than one party for your injuries. Often, by adding more defendants, we can increase the chances of a full financial recovery.

Calculating The Settlement Value Of Your Claim

A person who is at fault for an accident must compensate victims. Our clients often qualify for compensation to cover:

  • Cost of medical care
  • Lost wages or self-employment income
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering

We work closely with our clients to fully evaluate a claim. For example, serious injuries might permanently impair our client’s ability to return to work in the future. Someone who has suffered an amputation or brain injury, for example, might not be able to return to their old job. Instead, they might need to take lower-paying work or be unable to work at all.

Serious injuries also can require ongoing care. For example, some spinal cord injury victims need a caretaker to cook, clean, bathe, and help them get dressed. A victim should receive compensation to pay for this care, which is the responsibility of the person who caused the collision.

Calculating the value of pain and suffering is also difficult. How much can ever make up for the physical pain and emotional anguish that a person feels following a wreck? Nevertheless, we have deep experience in this area and understand how insurers calculate these losses.

Negotiating A Favorable Settlement

Understanding the full value of a claim is only the first step toward receiving fair compensation. Our truck injury lawyers are adept at negotiating favorable settlements with business and automobile insurers. Many insurers try to deny claims or minimize a person’s losses, and we can counter these moves.

At MG Law, we hold out for the maximum compensation possible. If an insurer wants to play hardball, we are happy to file a lawsuit and seek a favorable court award. Often, we can come to a favorable settlement without the need for a lawsuit.

We leave no stone unturned as we gather evidence for a claim. We can inspect your car along with the small commercial truck that hit you. By analyzing medical records and talking to your health care providers, we can give you critical insight into the full extent of your limitations.

We Are Never More Than A Phone Call Away

MG Law is the “go-to” firm for Atlanta small commercial truck accidents. Our team can swing into action to immediately protect your rights. Please contact us today for a free consultation that is no risk.

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