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Is CBD Actually Legal in Georgia?

In the past decade, public opinion on medical and recreational marijuana legalization has seen a major shift, with a majority of Americans supporting legalization as of last year. In the wake of this shift, 11 states have legalized recreational use and 33 have legalized medical marijuana. Georgia legislature joined the trend in legalizing medical marijuana this past April. However,...

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Pharmaceutical Company Liability

Liability for Pharmaceutical Drug Companies By law, drug manufacturers are required to produce prescription drugs and medical devices that are safe and free from unreasonably dangerous defects. Meaning that pharmaceutical companies must design, manufacture, and sell prescription medicines and all medical devices that are safe and conform to the regulations and obligations of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)...

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Can You Sue Drug Companies?

Pharmaceutical Drug Injury Law Do you have any legal rights if you have experienced an injury or a serious illness after taking a dangerous drug or supplement? If, so you may have been wondering against whom you would file a drug claim. Would it be the pharmacy or the doctor who prescribed the drug? Can you sue a pharmaceutical...

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