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what to do after motorcycle rear end accident

Being rear-ended on a motorcycle by a car can be devastating and lead to catastrophic injuries.

If you or someone you love was recently on a motorcycle and rear-ended in a crash, you may be wondering, What to do after my motorcycle was rear-ended in an accident?

In this post, our Georgia motorcycle accident lawyers discusses the six steps you should take immediately following the incident. 

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Top Causes for Fault in a Motorcycle Rear End Accident

Almost always, negligence is at play when a motorcycle is hit by a car from behind.

The driver of the vehicle is often:

  • Tailgating,
  • Speeding,
  • Driving while intoxicated,
  • Driving while distracted (e.g., texting), or
  • Reckless or aggressively driving.

No matter the cause of the accident, it can be devastating to a motorcyclist who is not afforded the same safety protections as in a vehicle.

What to Do After a Motorcycle Rear-End Accident?

While every situation is unique and may require different steps or order of events, the following six steps provide a general guideline on what to do after a motorcycle rear-end collision.

Seek Medical Attention

Whether you require a 911 response and emergency room treatment or are lucky enough to seek treatment on your own, you should always be assessed by a doctor following a rear-end collision. 

After a rear-end impact, it is expected to suffer from whiplash, head trauma, broken bones, sprains, and even paralysis.

Even non-life-threatening injuries should still treated by a medical professional, including:

  • Primary care services,
  • Surgical repair,
  • Orthopedic treatment,
  • Physical therapy,
  • Radiology services, and
  • Pharmaceutical services. 

Injuries can develop or worsen over hours, days, and weeks, so it is imperative to follow all medical advice and seek additional treatment if necessary.

Collect Information About the Accident

The more information and evidence you have regarding the accident, the stronger your case will be. If you can at the scene, you should take pictures with your phone to document the condition of the vehicles, injuries, and road and weather conditions.

You should cooperate with responding law enforcement to provide a clear and accurate report of what happened. 

If your injuries are too severe to document the scene, don’t worry. Our team can assist you with filling in the missing pieces and gathering the evidence needed to file a motorcycle accident report expeditiously.

Report the Accident

In Georgia, you must report an accident resulting in injury to or death of any person or property damage to an apparent extent of $500.00 or more by the quickest means of communication to the local police.

More often than not, a rear-end motorcycle accident will result in more than $500.00 worth of damage or injuries to the rider or vehicle occupant. Even if you do not require EMS or medical personnel, you should still notify law enforcement immediately. 

Do Not Speak with the Other Driver’s Insurance Adjuster

In addition to speaking with your insurance company, the at-fault driver’s insurance adjuster will likely contact you for a statement. You should not talk to them until you have consulted with an attorney. Remember, they want to pay the least amount possible and will use what you say against you. Your attorney can guide you through providing the necessary statements.

Do Not Post on Social Media

An often overlooked but essential step after a rear-end motorcycle accident is to avoid posting about it on your social media pages. You might think the picture, video, or post is harmless, but the defendant’s insurance carrier can try and use it against you. Be mindful of what you post while any claim or lawsuit is pending. For instance, even a simple video of you enjoying a family walk can damage your claim later.

Consult a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

If you’ve been rear-ended on your motorcycle in Georgia, you should speak with a lawyer to discuss your legal rights and options.

It is common to feel overwhelmed, scared, and uncertain in the days and weeks after a motorcycle crash; let us help you. We will provide honest advice on the best course of action to ensure you receive the justice and compensation you are entitled to.

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