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Most dangerous intersections in Atlanta Georgia

Crashes at intersections are common. According to the data collected and published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately one-third of all motor vehicle accidents reported in the United States happen in or around an intersection. While a crash can occur at any intersection, certain intersections are high-risk areas.

Different reports and studies have looked at some of the most dangerous intersections in Atlanta. These intersections are where many accidents occur or the most severe accidents happen. 

Here, our Atlanta car accident lawyers list the ten most dangerous intersections in the region. 

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The Most Dangerous Intersections in Atlanta

Statewide, it’s estimated that five people die in car accidents every day. Atlanta is home to many of these collisions and fatalities. Here’s a look at 10 of the most dangerous Atlanta intersections.

Covington Highway and Panola Road

Covington Highway runs from Conyers to Decatur. The intersection of Covington Highway and Panola Road is one of the most dangerous intersections on this stretch of road. According to WSB-TV, 207 accidents occurred at or near that intersection in 2022.

Covington Highway and South Hairston Road 

Another concerning intersection on Covington High is South Hairston Road. According to WSB-TV, it saw the second-highest number of intersection collisions in 2022. This intersection is only a three-minute drive from Covington Highway and Panola Road.

North Hairston Road and Memorial Drive

This intersection is third on the list in the WSB-TV article. In 2022, there were 140 crashes here. It’s been a contender for the worst intersection in Georgia for multiple years. In 2017, survey data listed it as the worst intersection in the state.

Godby Road and Old National Highway

In 2022, this general area was the site of 138 crashes, only two less than North Hairston Road and Memorial Drive. Revitalization plans are underway for 500 acres in the area, part of which is near this intersection. Added development could lead to more traffic and a higher risk of accidents. 

Tara Boulevard and Veterans Memorial Parkway

According to WSB-TV, this intersection saw 135 crashes in 2022. The year before, the Georgia Department of Transportation initiated a study on the Tara Blvd corridor. This study explored ways to reduce congestion, enhance connectivity, and improve operations. Improvements to this busy area could potentially reduce the number of accidents. 

Peachtree Street and Lenox Road 

According to data collected by DriveSafe Online, Peachtree Street and Lenox Road is another dangerous spot. It’s a high-volume intersection, especially during peak traffic times. 

Northside Drive and 14th Street

The next most dangerous intersection in Atlanta on the DriveSafe list is Northside Drive and 14th Street. It’s been the scene of multiple fatalities, including an accident involving a police chase that killed two and injured five. 

Moreland Avenue and Glenwood Road 

Located in East Atlanta, Moreland Avenue and Glenwood Road take the 3rd spot on the DriveSafe list. A complex design and its high traffic volume contribute to the large number of accidents here. 

Ponce de Leon Avenue and Juniper Street

According to DriveSafe, this Midtown area sees a lot of traffic, leading to a high rate of accidents. Last year, Piedmont Heights initiated a makeover for Juniper Street, ending at Ponce de Leon Avenue. Plans include adding a bikeway and more pedestrian-friendly features. Traffic will be reduced to two lanes with dedicated turn lanes. This project was slated to take almost 20 months or more to complete, so there’s a chance accidents could go down once the project concludes. 

Peachtree Street and North Avenue

The final entry on the DriveSafe list is Peachtree Street and North Avenue. Located in the center of downtown Atlanta, it’s another intersection that sees a lot of traffic and accidents. Take extra precautions, especially in peak traffic hours, if traveling through this area.

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