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No one expects to be involved in a serious accident. Unfortunately, one can happen at any time. Tens of thousands of people in Georgia are injured as a result of negligence each year — in everything from car wrecks to slip and fall accidents.
If you were severely injured in an accident in Georgia, you need a great personal injury attorney by your side – an advocate who can help you obtain the maximum available financial compensation, so that you pay for any necessary medical care and provide financial support for your family.
Of course, hiring a personal injury lawyer can be a daunting, even overwhelming task. There is a seemingly endless list of personal injury lawyers ready to handle your claim. How do you know what to look for in a personal injury attorney?

Nine Characteristics of a Great Personal Injury Lawyer

1. Specialization

What makes a great attorney? Among many other things, a great attorney is one who has extensive experience in a focused legal practice. If you were injured in an accident, you need a great personal injury lawyer. You do not want a lawyer who merely dabbles in Georgia accident cases — handling a few claims each year, along with offering criminal defense and business law guidance. To be a truly great personal lawyer, a legal professional must focus on handling these cases.

2. Trial Work

Most personal injury claims are settled outside of the courtroom. In fact, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) reports that as many as 95 percent of personal injury claims never go to trial. That being said, there is always a possibility that your case will be one of the exceptions. Injured victims should hire a trial-tested personal injury lawyer. Not only will your lawyer be able to protect your rights should you need to file a lawsuit, but defendants/insurers will be far more likely to handle your case fairly and offer a full settlement if they know that your lawyer has the skills and experience needed to hold them accountable in the courtroom

3. Leadership

A great personal injury attorney must be an effective leader. Personal injury cases are stressful and they are complicated. You and your family deserve a legal advocate who understands exactly how to pursue a case and will be able to successfully guide your claim through all aspects of the process. Leadership pays

4. Continuing Education

Georgia’s personal injury laws and claims procedures are always subject to change. A great lawyer is a legal professional who is always staying up-to-date on the latest tactics, strategies, accepted practices, and legal developments. Education should not stop when law school ends. Notably, the State Bar of Georgia requires every lawyer to have at least 15 hours of continuing legal education.

5. Using the Carrot and the Stick

What is the right approach to take in a personal injury case? Should an attorney fight aggressively on behalf of their client, directly challenging the defendant, or should an attorney work with the other side, attempting to negotiate a fair settlement? The answer: both. Every personal injury case is unique. Some cases require different tactics. In addition, tactics may shift during the process. Great lawyers know how to use both the “carrot” and the “stick” to get the best possible results for their clients. One of the core differences between a good attorney vs. a great attorney is understanding when to use different strategies.

6. Resources

Many personal injury claims are defended by large corporations or by big insurance providers. These companies usually have a large amount of resources at their disposable — and they know how to use them. As an example, if you were injured in a truck accident in Conyers, GA, you can be sure that the insurance company will immediately begin investigating the crash and building its legal defense. A great Georgia personal injury lawyer is one who has access to the resources needed to level the playing field. Do not go up against these companies alone.

7. A Proven History of Results

For injured victims, nothing matters more than results. All of the accomplishments and accolades in the world will mean very little if a personal injury lawyer cannot actually get you full and fair financial compensation for your damages. At MG Law, our top-rated Georgia personal injury attorneys work tirelessly to help our clients maximize their financial recovery. We will always put the time, resources, and attention needed to get you the very best results.

8. Member of State and National Organizations

Great personal injury attorneys are often deeply involved in state and national organizations. This includes everything from personal injury organizations and victims’ advocates to community support services. Our attorney Michael Geoffroy has held a number of different prominent positions in the legal community, including serving as the President of the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Georgia.

9. References

During a free consultation with a personal injury lawyer, you should never hesitate to ask them for some personal testimonials from their former clients. A great personal injury lawyer will not have any trouble producing references from satisfied clients. You can see how an attorney handles cases and where their clients actually ended up at the conclusion of the legal process.

Get Help From a Top Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Today

At MG Law, we are committed to pursuing justice for injured victims. If you or your loved one was injured in a motor vehicle crash or any other type of accident, do not settle: you deserve a great personal injury attorney. No matter the specific nature of your case, we are prepared to help you fight for the full financial compensation that you deserve.
To set up a free, no obligation review of your personal injury case, please contact our law firm today. We have law offices in Covington, Conyers, and Atlanta, and we serve communities throughout North Georgia, including in Newton County, Rockdale County, DeKalb County, Fulton County, and Gwinnett County.
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