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Concrete mixers carry concrete to job sites, where the concrete is used in construction, often as foundational material. These large trucks can get into accidents, with innocent victims often bearing the full brunt of the collision.

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Anatomy Of A Concrete Mixer

Concrete transport trucks typically have a drum on the back in which the concrete is stored. This drum is typically made from steel or, in newer trucks, fiberglass. The concrete can be mixed from water and dry materials during transport or it can be loaded already mixed. The drum continually turns to keep the concrete from setting and hardening on the way to delivery.

Once at the job site, concrete is poured out the back of the drum and put into place so that it can harden. Transporting concrete is time-consuming, so the drums tend to be large. Many trucks can carry around 40,000 pounds of concrete, which is on top of the weight of the truck (usually 20,000-30,000 pounds). As you can imagine, these heavy vehicles can cause catastrophic injuries when they crash into passenger sedans.

Why Concrete Trucks Crash

Every accident is unique. Nevertheless, based on our experience, we have seen some recurring accidents.

For example, concrete trucks can crash because the driver is not paying adequate attention. There are many people moving about a job site, and a distracted driver can easily hit one. Other causes of accidents include using a cell phone, being impaired, and taking unnecessary risks.

Because they are so heavy, concrete mixers do not stop quickly. This fact can amplify any minor error that a driver makes. For example, concrete truck drivers should leave ample room between their truck and the cars in front. If they don’t, they could ride over the vehicle in front when it brakes.

Other accidents stem from inadequate training. A person might not know how to properly load the materials or how to operate the vehicle. Consequently, they crash and injure people.

In some situations, a person could be injured when the concrete comes out of the mixer. A defect on the truck could cause too much concrete to escape, coating a worker or damaging a vehicle behind the truck. These defects might be the fault of the truck manufacturer or of a mechanic who worked on the truck.

Calculating Compensation Following An Accident

After an accident, many victims have a natural question, “How much can I receive in compensation?” Every case is different, and we need to look at the specific facts of your situation. However, compensation is really a function of two things:

  • Liability. This is the percentage of fault for an accident. If the truck driver or trucking company is 100% to blame, then a victim can receive more than if he shared some of the fault. Under OCGA § 51-12-33, a victim who is at least 50% to blame (or more), cannot receive compensation.
  • Damages. A victim can receive money for certain losses, such as the cost of medical care, amount of lost wages, and property damage. A fair amount for pain and suffering should also be included. This compensation is paid in the form of money damages.

Not every concrete truck accident is straightforward. There might be legitimate questions about how the accident happened and who is to blame.

We can best estimate the compensation our clients receive by carefully reviewing medical bills and paystubs. It is harder to pin down with certainty how much a person can receive in pain and suffering compensation.

How You Benefit From Hiring An Experienced Lawyer

If you have suffered serious injuries, you don’t want to risk anything by hiring a novice attorney. Our firm can assist you by:

  • Preserving relevant evidence, including proof of medical injuries and financial losses.
  • Interviewing witnesses to the accident, including the truck driver.
  • Requesting relevant information from the owner of the truck, including maintenance records and driver training materials.
  • Filing a lawsuit within the applicable statute of limitations to protect our client’s ability to receive compensation.
  • Representing a client in court during litigation and trial.

Rather than try to represent yourself, garner the benefits that a seasoned concrete truck accident attorney in Atlanta can provide.

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