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Imagine you were just involved in a major Georgia car accident.

In the days immediately following the crash, you start to develop severe headaches. You suspect that you have suffered a concussion. When you call your primary care doctor, you are surprised to find out they do not treat car accident victims. Next, you attempt to make an appointment with a neurological specialist — only to hear the same thing: we do not offer treatment for injuries related to a car crash.

While many people are not aware of it, this is actually extremely common. Many doctors simply refuse to see patients who were involved in an auto accident.

Some of the reasons could include:

  • Your doctor might lack experience in this area
  • Your doctor does not want to deal with billing and related administrative headaches
  • Your doctor may try to avoid the risk of being called in a lawsuit
  • Large insurance companies might try to ruin the professional careers of your doctors if they regularly see auto accident victims

Indeed, doctors all around the country are hesitant to get involved in car accident cases. As noted in a story reported by ABC News 13 (Houston), a patient was repeatedly unable to an orthopedic surgeon for her fractured wrist. Over and over again she was told: sorry, we do not see automobile accident victims.

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Can Doctors Actually Refuse to Offer Treatment?

With some very limited exceptions, the answer is almost always ‘yes’. Doctors are not required to treat car accident injuries. Indeed, outside of emergency rooms, medical professionals are typically able to refuse to see whomever they want. This raises some important questions: why are so many doctors refusing car accident cases and what can you do about it?

Why Won’t My Doctor See Me After a Car Accident?

There are a number of different reasons why doctors may decide to avoid treating car accident injuries. In some cases, a physician may feel that they simply lack experience in this area. Car accidents cause some unique injuries; a doctor who rarely treats auto accident victims may not believe that they are best equipped to provide high-quality care.

Though, it should be noted that the primary reason that doctors avoid treating car accident injuries is purely administrative. It is not that they lack the professional skills to do so, it is that they do not want to deal with billing and related administrative headaches. Many doctors have blanket policies stating that they do not treat car accident victims because the billing is too complicated.

Beyond the complexities of billing, many doctors also want to avoid the risk of being called in a lawsuit. Insurance companies are aggressive. Worse yet, there have even been cases in which large insurance companies have tried to ruin the professional careers of physicians who regularly see auto accident victims. Perhaps the most famous example of this Dodson v. Allstate Insurance Company — in which the Arkansas Supreme Court eventually approved a $21 million award to a doctor who was defamed by a large insurance company.   

How to Find a Doctor that Will Treat Car Accident Injuries in Georgia

As too many car accident victims in Georgia have discovered, finding a doctor willing to offer treatment can be frustrating and deeply challenging. Our Georgia car accident attorneys can help you find the right doctor for your specific situation.

After a car accident, it may be better to see a doctor who is not your primary care physician. To start, your primary care physician is unlikely to have much experience treating motor vehicle accident injuries — meaning they will probably refer you to a specialist even if they do agree to see you. In addition, most primary care doctors do not know how to handle billing records and administrative work related to personal injury claims. Sadly, in some cases, doctors actually commit administrative errors or engage in sloppy record-keeping, thereby making it harder for injured victims to get full and fair compensation for their damages. 

Our Georgia car accident attorneys frequently get calls from injured victims after their first doctor has refused to offer treatment. In some cases, they may have been refused treatment by several physicians. We can help. No matter your specific circumstances, our attorneys are prepared to conduct a comprehensive review of your case. We will take the time to understand your injuries, consider your health coverage, and do whatever we can to connect you with the right medical professionals.

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