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The blind spots on a commercial truck, also referred to as the no-zones, are extremely large. The blind spots on the sides of the truck are the largest. On the driver’s side, the blind spot extends one lane over from the driver’s side mirror to approximately the middle of the trailer. On the passenger side, the blind spot is even larger, extending two lanes along the full length of the trailer. Even in the front and back, the blind spots extend 20 to 30 feet in either direction.
All commercial truck accidents are serious, and those involving the truck’s blind spots are particularly dangerous. As when you are trying to reduce your risk for any type of crash, sound judgment and focus are crucial when avoiding truck blind spot accidents. Below are a few of the best ways to do it.

Pay Attention to Your Speed

It is not uncommon for drivers to enter a truck’s blind spots without even realizing it. Most often, this happens because motorists are speeding, or they reduce their speed too significantly. Pay attention to your speed any time you are driving near trucks so you do not accidentally end up in a truck’s blind spots for too long.

When Passing, Use Extreme Caution

Trucks often drive at reduced speeds, particularly when they are fully loaded and the trailer is very heavy. For this reason, drivers often want to pass them when they are behind them, especially on the highway. Passing a truck can be done slowly, but you must use extreme caution when doing it. You need to move quickly, so that you can move out of the blind spots as soon as possible. However, it is also crucial that you remain alert so you can navigate the lane safely and re-enter the original lane without cutting off the truck, which could also cause a serious crash.

Put Away All Distractions

Texting and driving is always very dangerous behavior, but this is particularly true when you are in a truck’s blind spots. If you are looking at your phone, you may not notice that the truck has come to a sudden stop, or that the commercial truck driver beside you has signaled that they are going to change lanes, which could cause a serious crash. Also remember that texting and driving is not the only distraction you may face. Adjusting the systems within the vehicle, rowdy passengers, eating, drinking, and grooming are all distractions that could cause an accident while you are in a truck’s blind spots.

Position Your Mirrors Properly

Your vehicle’s mirrors must be properly adjusted so you can see other vehicles around you and avoid an accident. Before leaving, sit behind the wheel with your hands on it and then lean to the left. Adjust the mirror until you can see the side of the vehicle on the edge of the mirror. To adjust your passenger side mirror, lean towards the center of the car and position the mirror so that you can see the right side of the vehicle in the reflected image. 
Remember that you may also have to adjust your mirrors while you are driving. To do this, watch any vehicle that passes you. The driver should appear in the side mirror before it is out of view of the rearview mirror. The better you can see other vehicles around you, the more likely you are to avoid a truck’s blind spots, and the serious accidents that result from them.

Do Not Tailgate

It is almost impossible for truck drivers to see vehicles that are directly behind their vehicle. They may come to a full and quick stop, causing the vehicle behind them to rear-end the vehicle, or even slide underneath the trailer, which is known as an underride accident. These accidents are some of the worst, and they are usually fatal for those in the smaller vehicle. To prevent these types of crashes from occurring, it is important to stay back at least four seconds, or 20 car lengths, from the rear of the truck.

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