Why Do I Need A Personal Injury Attorney?

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There are numerous times that people wonder whether or not personal injury attorneys provide any real value to people.  All too often people learn through experiences the true value of services provided by personal injury attorneys.  Many injury attorneys assist people after they are injured through a car wreck that is no fault of their own, and as a result, they must hire an injury attorney to work on their behalf to pursue justice.  There are thousands of people that are injured each year, which are able to pursue and acquire justice through the use of an injury attorney.

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Personal injury attorneys are also the first group of individuals that are notified when businesses overstep their bounds and seek to maximize profits through illicit or deceitful business practices.  This blog post is about one of those times where thousands of Americans were defrauded in the name of profit.  A lawsuit filed against Hitachi Maxell, NEC, and LG claimed that these three businesses colluded for price fixing on their lithium-ion cylindrical batteries.  While this seems unimaginable, not only has the case already been filed, it has already been settled, for $45 million dollars.

The results of this settlement mean that these three companies have agreed to pay out monies to those individuals which have purchased electronic devices which use batteries from these manufacturers.  This is not a typo, there is $45 million dollars that will be paid out, to whomever is added into the lawsuit, and who made purchases of electronic devices between the year 2000-2011.

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You might be asking yourself a few questions now.

  1. What are the eligible products included within the settlement?  The answer is any  person that has purchased any of the products listed below between the years 2000 and 2011.
    1. Laptop PCs, notebooks, netbook computers
    2. Mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, digital audition players
    3. Camcorders, cameras
    4. Cordless power tools
    5. Replacement batteries for any of these products
  2. How can I add my name to the lawsuit?
    1. Filing a claim form takes just a few minutes, and you do not need to submit receipts. But you have only until November 29 to file.

The next time someone says frivolous lawsuit, be sure to remember this case, along with countless others which help protect the injured.  Not all injuries are visible, but all injuries deserve justice.


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