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What Leg Pain May Be Telling You After a Car Accident

Georgia roadways see thousands of accidents daily. Inevitably, many people suffer leg injuries or experience leg pain in the aftermath of their collision. If you were injured in a collision, you may want to know what leg pain may be telling you after a car accident and what you should do to address it. While leg pain may signal a minor injury like a bruise or scrape, it can also indicate structural damage within your knee or ankle. Plus, discomfort from your injured leg can grow over time, eventually impacting your ability to work and perform everyday activities. Thus, you should seek medical attention if you’re experiencing leg pain after a car accident.

If your or a loved one suffered a leg injury in a car accident, you should also contact an attorney at MG Law so you can pursue compensation for your injuries. Our team focuses exclusively on personal injury cases, and we prioritize fighting for individuals injured by another person’s negligence. Reach out to our office to schedule your free initial consultation.

Why Does My Leg Hurt After a Car Accident?

Leg pain after a car accident can signify various injuries. It’s important to seek medical attention to accurately diagnose and treat your injury.

Minor Injuries

A blunt impact to your leg could cause a bump or bruise. Bruises and bumps are extremely common in car accidents. You may experience some minor leg pain along with these injuries. 

Broken Leg

A broken leg is a more severe type of leg injury that occurs when a bone in your leg fractures or breaks. Broken legs are especially common for passengers who rest their legs on the dashboard during an accident. 

Some broken legs require surgery. Depending on their severity, a surgeon may have to insert metal pins to hold the broken pieces together while they heal. Any delay in treating a broken leg can result in lifelong complications and potential infection.

Herniated Disk

In some circumstances, a car accident can result in a herniated disk. Disks cushion the bones that form your spine. The discs are like small, round pillows with a tough outer layer, called the annulus, surrounding a nucleus. A herniated disk occurs when the nucleus is pushed out of the annulus and into the spinal canal. Typically, herniated disks occur from gradual wear and tear. However, they can occasionally happen after a severe car accident. 

One symptom of a herniated disk is pain or numbness in one of your legs. Thus, leg pain after a car accident can sometimes indicate a herniated disk.

What Should I Do If My Leg Hurts After an Accident?

Your health is the top priority after a car accident. Some car accident victims do not notice their injuries until hours after the accident, and the shock wears off. The body produces excess adrenaline due to the sudden stress caused by an accident, which can prevent you from feeling the symptoms of an injury until long after the accident. Thus, you need immediate symptoms to get a complete medical evaluation.

Other car accident leg injuries are obvious at the time they happen. For example, you will likely feel a broken leg whenever you try to move or walk on it. If you suffer an apparent, serious injury in the collision, you may need to call an ambulance to transport you to the hospital. The costs of an ambulance ride may deter you from requesting one. However, you can recover the ambulance ride costs through a personal injury lawsuit if another party caused the accident.

At the hospital, staff members will ask you basic questions about your medical history and the symptoms of your injury. The hospital will document important information about your injury and necessary treatment in your medical record. Your attorney can use the medical record to demonstrate proof of your injuries and the costs of your treatment plan. If you do not receive medical treatment, it is hard for you to prove you suffered a serious injury in the accident. Even if your leg starts hurting weeks after your accident occurs, a documented doctor visit can offer valuable evidence to prove your injury happened in the collision. 

Treatment for Leg Injuries After a Car Accident

The treatment for a leg injury depends on the type and severity of the injury. A broken leg may require the victim to wear a hard cast or walk in a boot for several weeks. Some injuries may even require surgery and physical therapy to get you back to your pre-accident condition.

A serious leg injury can keep you out of work for weeks, depending on your job. If another person caused the accident, they may be liable for the costs of your medical treatment or rehabilitation. They may also be liable for paying lost wages if you’re out of work due to your injury. A lawyer at MG Law can fully inform you about the compensation you can recover from a leg injury.

Did You Experience Leg Pain After a Car Accident? Contact MG Law Today to Discuss Your Case

The MG Law team knows that a leg injury from a car accident can alter your life for days, weeks, months, or even years. You may feel frustrated. This is especially true if your leg pain does not begin until weeks after your car accident. 

Fortunately, we can help. One of our experienced lawyers can examine the details of your case and help you understand any potential compensation you may be able to obtain from the at-fault party. Our team will then fight to secure a favorable outcome for you. 

Our founding attorney Michael Geoffroy strives to offer the highest level of legal advocacy to injured victims. Michael has received numerous awards and accolades. He has been named Top 40 Under 40, Legal Elite, and Rising Star, and he holds a 10.0 rating on Avvo. 

Our firm has obtained millions of dollars for those injured by someone else’s negligence. We look forward to putting our resources and experience to work for you. Contact our office today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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