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car insurance company sent me a check

Receiving a check from the other party’s insurance company after a Georgia car accident can be confusing and emotionally charged.

You may be wondering what to do next and ask yourself, Should I cash an insurance check? Is cashing the check a good idea? What does accepting the compensation mean for your case?

The temptation to accept the quick cash is understandable, but before you cash that check, there’s something crucial you need to know.

In Georgia, cashing that check could have unintended consequences for your personal injury case.

Before you do anything, talk to an experienced car accident lawyer. They can help you understand your rights, negotiate with the insurance company, and get the money you deserve.

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Do Insurance Companies Send You a Check?

Yes, insurance companies do send checks after accidents. It’s not always a good thing, though.

Insurance companies are businesses trying to minimize payouts and maximize profits. A seemingly generous check might be a bait-and-switch to close your case quickly and cheaply, leaving you with less than you deserve.

If you’ve received a check from the other driver’s insurance company, they likely believe you have a viable case and may be required to pay much more than their initial offer. That check could be a ploy to avoid a potentially costly lawsuit.

Why Did the Car Insurance Company Send Me a Check?

Sending you a check can serve a variety of strategic and financial objectives. Car insurance companies may send a check to save time and money.

Other common reasons why you may receive a check:

  • Early Settlement. This seemingly appealing offer seeks to resolve your case quickly and inexpensively. Accepting it means waiving your right to any additional compensation, even if your injuries are more severe or costly than you anticipated.
  • Partial Payment. This may cover immediate expenses such as medical bills or a portion of your property damage following liability and damage assessments. This does not indicate fault or ensure a future payout. You may still seek compensation for long-term suffering.
  • Diminished value of your vehicle. Since Georgia is a diminished value state, you may be able to recover your car’s diminished value from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.
  • Psychological Tactic. A quick check can be a psychological ploy, hoping you’ll accept a lowball offer before fully understanding your claim’s value.

Accepting a quick check may not fully compensate you for the long-term physical and emotional impact of your injuries. Consulting with a qualified personal injury attorney can help you accurately assess the value of your claim and negotiate for fair compensation.

Will the Insurance Company Send Me a Check for My Medical Bills?

The other party’s insurance company may send a check to cover some pre-verified medical expenses or property damage. This is not an admission of their fault or a settlement offer but rather a partial fulfillment of their obligation to cover specific expenses. You have the option of negotiating a fair settlement or filing a lawsuit.

Georgia’s Insurance Check Cashing Laws

According to OCGA § 33-24-41, cashing the check can be interpreted as accepting full payment, limiting your right to further compensation for all injury-related losses, including pain and suffering, lost wages, and future medical expenses. The check likely comes with a release form you must sign which can legally waive your rights to future claims against the insurance company.

What Are Your Options If You Receive a Check from the Insurance Company?

Do not feel obligated to accept or cash the check immediately. You have the right to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney before making any decisions that may affect your case.

A lawyer can:

  • Assess the actual value of your claim and determine whether the offered check is reasonable;
  • Negotiate with the insurance company for a more comprehensive settlement covering all your losses;
  • If they refuse to compensate you fairly, bring suit against the insurance company or the at-fault driver; and 
  • Protect your rights and interests throughout the process to ensure the best possible outcome.

Receiving a check following a Georgia auto accident requires careful consideration. A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer can assist you in understanding your choices, defending your legal rights, and obtaining the settlement you are entitled to.

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