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When you are involved in a car accident, it’s important to have a skilled and experienced attorney on your side to help you navigate the legal process. But with so many car accident attorneys in Atlanta to choose from, how do you find the best one for your needs? The best car accident attorney in Atlanta for your needs will depend on various factors, including your specific case, the attorney’s experience and specialization, their reputation, and your personal preferences.

At MG Law, we know it can be difficult to find a personal injury attorney, especially when you’re dealing with the aftermath of a crash. As members of your community, we care about protecting your rights. Of course, we believe that our firm is home to the best auto accident lawyers in Atlanta. However, we may not be the right firm to take your case for some reason. That’s why we decided to compile a list of lawyers in Atlanta the MG Law team has worked with before and who we would call to represent us in the event of a crash or accident. 

Why Provide a List of Best Accident Attorneys in Atlanta?

6 Best Car Accident Attorneys in Atlanta

As some of the best car accident attorneys in Atlanta, we understand that every accident case is different. We always prioritize having a great working relationship with our clients and getting them the medical treatment and financial compensation they deserve following a motor vehicle accident. But the facts and circumstances of every case are different. Additionally, what you, as the client, are looking for in your lawyer may differ from what we offer. In an ideal world, we would be able to accept every case we are presented with. However, in some situations, we might not view the facts of your case as being the right fit for our experience or skills. 

If that is the situation in your case, we still want to try to help you find representation. As members of the community, we understand that everyone benefits from having good legal representation and receiving appropriate compensation for their injuries.

As your friends, colleagues, and neighbors, we hope you will reach out to us when you need a personal injury attorney following a car collision or other type of accident. But if, for some reason, we are unable to represent you in your personal injury claim, we encourage you to work with any of the best accident attorneys in Atlanta listed below.

1. MG Law

MG Law’s founder Michael Geoffroy focuses his law practice on auto collisions, premises liability, wrongful death, and catastrophic injury. He stands up for the cause of justice throughout Georgia and on behalf of his clients daily. He is a leader in the courtroom and in the community, having been recognized numerous times for his involvement in each. Michael has also held many leadership positions in Georgia’s legal community, including serving as president of the Young Lawyers Division of the State Bar of Georgia.

We would love to be the firm you work with when you need a car accident attorney in the Atlanta area. You can book a free consultation with Michael or a member of the MG Law team by contacting our office. We also recommend you check out the MG Law Blog for materials we have written on topics relating to personal injury cases.

Hear what our clients have to say:

Baileigh Edwards
Baileigh Edwards
Amazing people, who get the job done!
Carl Newton
Carl Newton
Chris and his team are super professional, fast, and responsive. I would recommend their services to anyone in need.
Brandon Edwards
Brandon Edwards
Great law firm amazing service I would highly recommend them to anyone in need of an accident attorney they do an amazing job
Katie Blake
Katie Blake
Fortunately, I haven't needed a personal injury lawyer recently, but I am always impressed with how this firm gives back to the community from holiday help to families in need to year round support for organizations like the Boys & Girls Club. When one gives back, a difference is truly made in the lives of others. Thank you!
Brandon Waters
Brandon Waters
Great attorney!
Tori Turnbo
Tori Turnbo
Great service and super friendly thank you!
Ashley Stroud
Ashley Stroud
Chris Stastny is extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate his professionalism and responsiveness.
Randa And Matt Charles
Randa And Matt Charles
Great communication, easy to work with! Will definitely go back if we need to!
Sara Bowling
Sara Bowling
The team at MG Law are professional, empathetic, and help clients to feel comfortable. My family has used this firm for years and will continue to do so. Thanks MG!

2. Speed & King Law


If the MG Law team is unable to help you after an accident, we recommend Michelle King and Laurie Speed. Speed & King Law is a personal injury law firm in Atlanta representing clients throughout Georgia. We have personally seen them handle nursing home negligence and medical malpractice cases with great success for both English and Spanish-speaking clients. We know that they will fight for their clients and represent them well.

3. Rueb Stoller Daniel


This firm represents clients throughout the state and country for a variety of matters, including exposure to harmful chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and defective products. We are proud to be working with them on pending litigation involving exposure to ethylene oxide, and we have no reservations about endorsing their work.

4. Werdesheim Law Firm


Pete Werdesheim represents clients in a wide variety of practice areas. Pete brings a unique perspective when representing his clients because he spent many years as a defense attorney and now represents clients whose attorneys mishandled their cases and committed malpractice. Pete has seen our field at its best and at its worst, and his clients benefit from this blend of experience

5. The Stoddard Law Firm


The Stoddard Law Firm represents clients throughout Georgia in a wide range of personal injury cases. We have personally worked with Mr. Stoddard on negligent security cases and were impressed with his dedication and thoroughness. We would, without reservation, recommend Mr. Stoddard to anyone who has sustained a serious injury.

6. Gerber & Holder


Gerber & Holder represents clients throughout Georgia, with a special focus on workplace injuries. Workplace injuries are often difficult for those who are hurt on the job but still need to work and require a special approach that, in our experience, Gerber & Holder excel at.

Considerations When Choosing a Lawyer

When selecting a personal injury law firm, you may want to consider some of the following suggestions to help you make your choice. Some things to think about when choosing a lawyer after a car crash include the following:

  • Do online research and see what reviews say about the law firm. Look for car accident attorneys in Atlanta online and read reviews from past clients. This can give you an idea of the lawyer’s reputation and how well they have handled cases like yours in the past.
  • Make sure their experience and specialization match what you need. You want a lawyer who is familiar with handling claims for the type of accident and injury you suffered and who is familiar with the location where your accident happened. For instance, if your case involves roads specific to Atlanta or you were injured by a semi-truck in Atlanta, a lawyer from Glynn County who has worked exclusively on golf cart accident claims may not be the right fit.
  • Meet with the lawyer in person. It is important to meet with the lawyer in person to make sure you feel comfortable working with them and that you trust their judgment.
  • Understand their fees. Make sure you understand the fees and costs associated with hiring a car accident lawyer. Some lawyers work on a contingency basis, which means they only get paid if they win your case, while others charge an hourly rate or a flat fee.

The MG Law team is dedicated to helping our clients get the compensation they deserve. However, we know that the best way for you to recover what your claim is worth is for the right lawyer to take up your fight. 

The MG Law Difference

At MG Law, we pride ourselves on providing every client with personal attention and fierce advocacy in their time of need. We have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in compensation, and we will fight for you to get the compensation you need so that you can get your life back on track. Contact us today for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you. 

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Michael Geoffroy’s law practice focuses on auto collisions, premises liability, wrongful death, and catastrophic injury, and he stands up for the cause of justice throughout Georgia and on behalf of his clients every day. He is a leader in both the courtroom and the community, having been recognized numerous times for his involvement in each.