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Initially formed in 1883, the Georgia Bar Association began as a voluntary professional association of Georgia lawyers. The organization provided a variety of benefits to members, but because membership was not mandatory, the association lacked the power to address significant issues. Seeking the ability to address statewide concerns and work toward important legislation, the Georgia Bar Association began advocating in 1925 for an integrated bar association. In 1963, the bill to create an integrated bar finally passed the Georgia House and Senate, making membership in the State Bar of Georgia mandatory for all attorneys practicing in the state, including a personal injury attorney. Today, an integrated bar is found in a slight majority of states in the U.S.

Serving the State Bar of Georgia

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There are currently 38,271 members in good standing of the State Bar of Georgia. Membership dues from bar members help provide crucial services to both members and the general public. The State Bar provides legal resources to the public, including advice on how to find a lawyer, connections to important legal resources for a variety of concerns, legal aid, and educational programs to help students learn more about the justice system.
The State Bar of Georgia’s mission is “to foster among the members of the Bar of this State the principles of duty and service to the public; to improve the administration of justice, and to advance the science of law.” Being an active member of the State Bar is an important way to give back to the community as well as making professional connections.
The State Bar provides opportunities for socializing with other lawyers, offers classes to fulfill CLE requirements, as well as administers a variety of programs that serve members of the legal profession and members of the public. The State Bar of Georgia has a number of active committees, providing an option for almost every interest, from diversity in the legal profession to the financial concerns of the State Bar.
Covington personal injury attorney, Michael Geoffroy is honored to have been invited to sit on the following committees for the State Bar of Georgia.
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The Bar Association Support to Improve Correctional Services (or BASICS) is a State Bar program dedicated to offender rehabilitation. Formed in 1976, BASICS helps guide inmates to self-rehabilitation with courses, employability training, and more.
Twenty-two similar programs were launched in response to a charge from the Supreme Court for attorneys to dedicate themselves to improving correctional services, and the BASICS program is the only one still in place. Having a passion for positive reform and rehabilitation in the corrections system, Michael Geoffroy has the opportunity to work on the continued administration and improvement of the program by sitting on the BASICS committee.
General Counsel Office Overview Committee
Georgia lawyers are bound by a strict code of ethics. The Supreme Court of Georgia has the ultimate authority to regulate the legal profession, but the State Bar of Georgia’s Office of the General Counsel is entrusted with investigating potential breaches of ethics. Serving on the General Counsel Office Overview Committee gives Micael Geoffroy the opportunity to take a true leadership role in maintaining the ethics of Georgia’s legal community.
Legislation Advisory Committee on Long Range Planning and Bar Governance
The Legislation Advisory Committee on Long Range Planning and Bar Governance Committee is perfect for those interested in the activity and efficiency of the legal system.
Committee members, like Mr. Geoffroy, are tasked with staying connected to issues and trends that impact the practice of law and the activities of the State Bar in order to keep the Executive Board informed and prepared to make decisions regarding the future of the State Bar.

Personal Injury Attorney in Covington

Membership in the State Bar of Georgia is mandatory to practice in the state, but membership in the bar can be so much more than a task to check off your list. Participating in bar events and sitting on committees means being a real part of Georgia’s legal community, ensuring the best possible quality of service to both the justice system and the citizens of Georgia.
While Michael Geoffroy concentrates his working hours on serving clients on personal injury cases in Covington, he is pleased to have the opportunity to give back to the community by providing leadership in crucial areas of the community.

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Michael Geoffroy’s law practice focuses on auto collisions, premises liability, wrongful death, and catastrophic injury. He stands up for the cause of justice throughout Georgia and on behalf of his clients every day. He is a leader in both the courtroom and the community, having been recognized numerous times for his involvement in each.