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When is a Car Considered “Totaled”?

Another term for totaled is “total loss.” In many states, a statute spells out when a vehicle is considered a total loss after an accident. This matters, because an insured will not have to go get their vehicle repaired when it is a total loss. Instead, they usually get a check from the insurance company for the vehicle’s value....

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Coronavirus Scams: What Consumers in Georgia Need to Know

The coronavirus pandemic is impacting communities all across the globe. The Georgia Department of Public Health has already confirmed 33,833 cases of COVID-19 in our state as of May 10th. Unfortunately, the coronavirus outbreak is not over yet—more cases are expected to arise in the coming days and weeks.  On top of the public health concerns, there are also...

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Known Toxin Pumped Into Air; Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Lawsuits Filed

Most people assume that the neighborhoods that they live in are relatively safe and that when it comes to things out of their control–like dangerous products, pollution, or cancer-causing chemicals in the air that can cause personal injury or wrongful death–the government will intervene to protect them. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true.  Indeed, despite the fact that the United...

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A Commercial Truck Hit Me: Do I Need to Hire an Attorney?

If you suffered injuries after a commercial truck accident, you should hire an attorney to get the full compensation that you deserve. Contact MG Law today by calling 770-988-5252 for help with getting a fair settlement. Why You Need a Lawyer After a Commercial Truck Accident Many people like the idea of handling their own truck accident claims. This...

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Joining Forces with the Pro Bono COVID-19 Project

MG Law would like to announce that they are partnering with the State Bar of Georgia and Georgia Legal Services to join the Pro Bono COVID-19 Project to help those in the Rockdale, Newton, and Walton County areas who are hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. We will be helping those with the areas of Consumer, Landlord Tenant, and...

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EPA Failing To Communicate Dangers Of Ethylene Oxide According To New Report By Office Of The Inspector General

A new comment from the EPA Office of Inspector General dated March 31, 2020 calls on the EPA to better inform the affected communities of the dangers of ethylene oxide (“EtO”). A memorandum contained in the released comment is titled, “Management Alert: Prompt Action Needed to Inform Residents Living Near Ethylene Oxide-Emitting Facilities About Health Concerns and Actions to...

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Facts + Stats: Drunk Driving Accidents in Georgia

Under Georgia law, a motorist cannot have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08 or higher when in possession of a motor vehicle. If a driver is under 21, then Georgia’s zero-tolerance laws apply. Anyone with a BAC over the allowable limit is considered intoxicated and can be prosecuted for DUI. As the statistics below show, drunk driving is...

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18-Wheeler Accidents In Georgia: Everything You Need To Know

Large commercial vehicles are central to Georgia’s economy. They transport goods around the state and to distant parts of the country, returning goods from far-off states for Georgia consumers to enjoy. Drivers involved in 18-wheeler accidents in Georgia need to know; 18-wheeler accidents differ from run-of-the-mill car crashes because of the vehicle’s size and the number of parties who...

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