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Large commercial vehicles can cause devastating injuries whenever they collide with pedestrians or other motorists. After a crash, many victims end up in the hospital and can stay there for weeks as they try to recover from traumatic injuries.
If you were involved in a wreck, you might be asking yourself, “Do I need an attorney to litigate my truck accident case?” The answer is a resounding “yes.” An attorney can help litigate your claim from start to finish. Without an attorney, an injured victim will need to collect all evidence and learn Georgia civil procedure so they do not make a mistake that can end up costing them time and money.
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An Attorney Can Review Your Truck Accident Claim

Not every truck accident warrants a lawsuit. Instead, our Atlanta trucking accident attorneys need to analyze what caused the accident to determine fault. Georgia is an “at fault” state for trucking accidents, which generally means that the person or entity to blame for the accident is on the hook for paying compensation. If you caused the accident, for example, you typically cannot receive any compensation.
Truck accidents are earth-shattering events, and you might have no idea how it really unfolded. Some common causes are truck driver error, road defects, or truck defects. An experienced Atlanta truck accident attorney knows how to fully canvas the factual record to determine fault.

An Attorney Can Properly Value Your Injuries

You can’t successfully litigate an Atlanta tractor trailer accident case unless you have some idea of how much your injuries are worth. If you go into negotiations “blind,” chances are high you will only get a fraction of what you deserve. Insurers are aggressive in denying claims, and they like to minimize the amount of money they pay out.
Generally, our clients can receive money for lost income, medical bills, and property damage. They should also receive a fair amount for pain and suffering and emotional distress. It is these “non-economic” damages that are often in dispute. Insurers like to nickel and dime people by claiming their pain is exaggerated or not worth much to begin with. As a non-lawyer, you might agree with them or readily agree to a tiny amount. At our firm, we have the experience to know what is a fair amount you can receive for your pain.

A Lawyer Will Find Evidence To Support Your Case

You can’t receive compensation, even in a settlement, without evidence of fault. For example, if the truck driver was intoxicated, you’ll need proof, which might come in the form of witness statements, beer bottles found in the cab, or a blood test administered by police.
As you recover from your injuries, do you really want to be running around trying to collect evidence? Let an attorney perform this work while you focus on getting well.
Some evidence is hard to find, which makes successful litigation impossible. For example, the trucking company might have important safety records and drug testing information. The truck is also probably outfitted with a black box that contains important information about the truck. This evidence can be hard to locate or preserve on your own.

Your Attorney Understands The Litigation Process

There are certain steps involved in litigating a claim. In addition to making a claim for compensation, you might meet to negotiate a settlement with the other side. If this is not successful, you might try mediation. Our lawyers have deep experience with this process.
To successfully file a lawsuit, you must understand civil procedure and the rules of evidence, which can impact how you file, where you file, and what kind of notice you give the other side. There are detailed rules you must follow, which lawyers spend years studying. One mistake can cost you everything, and a judge might toss the lawsuit out of court.
Here is a simple example. After filing a complaint in court, you must provide proper notice to the person you are suing. Generally, Georgia requires personal service, which means you must hire a process server to hand a copy of the complaint (and other documents) to the defendant. You typically cannot hand the defendant the paperwork yourself or even send it through the mail. Without proper service, the defendant can get your case dismissed and avoid paying compensation, even if he is at fault.

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