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Riding a bus is a popular mode of transportation. People ride buses to and from work or school, or they ride a bus as a tourist. There are many buses operating in Atlanta, including school buses and private companies like Greyhound. Our city’s MARTA system runs hundreds of buses over more than 90 routes in the city, with a ridership well above 100,000 every single day.

Unfortunately, bus accidents can be terrifying events—much scarier than getting into a collision in a regular passenger sedan. More people can suffer injuries, and those injuries tend to be serious. For example, a MARTA accident in March 2020 left 5 people dead.

At MG Law, our team has helped many victims injured in bus accidents. The reasons for each collision vary, but we will do everything we can to obtain justice for our clients.

Types Of Bus Accidents

There are many kinds of bus accidents:

  • Bus and motor vehicle crash. A bus can clip another vehicle on the road when passing or making a turn.
  • Bus and pedestrian collision. A bus driver who is not watching where he is going can slam into a pedestrian. Many of these collisions are fatal.
  • Single bus accidents. A bus could collide with a stationary object, like a parked vehicle or fire hydrant. Some buses run off the road.
  • Malfunctioning bus accidents. A defect on the bus could cause the driver to lose control or cause the bus to catch on fire.
  • Road defects. Something wrong with the road—like a pothole—could cause an accident.

Some people also fall while getting on or off a bus because of a defect with how the bus has been maintained. These victims can seriously injure themselves and deserve compensation just like a pedestrian struck by a bus when crossing the street.

What Causes Atlanta Bus Accidents?

Many bus accidents are caused by driver error. In particular, bus drivers could make some mistake that critically injures people, including the passengers on the bus. Some of the more common causes include:

  • Driving too fast for conditions
  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Running a red light
  • Tailgating
  • Texting while driving
  • Distracted driving
  • Carelessness
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Driver fatigue

Bus drivers are under enormous pressure to reach their destinations in a timely manner, and some of them might drive recklessly as a result. They are fully responsible when they collide with a cyclist, pedestrian, or motorist.

Bus Accident Injuries

The injuries our clients have suffered typically depend on whether they were on the bus or in a different vehicle at the time of the crash. Someone riding in a bus is likely to be thrown around and can suffer fractures, traumatic brain injuries, and soft-tissue injuries as a result. Few buses have seat belts, so passengers are not restrained.

Someone riding in a passenger sedan could suffer much more serious injuries when a large bus crashes into them. They could suffer spinal cord injuries, severe brain trauma, and even death. Pedestrians are especially vulnerable in bus crashes.

The pain and emotional distress people experience following an injury should not be minimized. Many people struggle with daily chores and find that they cannot work. Their intimate relationships might be impacted as well. These injuries are life-changing, and victims need legal advocates who understand how to make them whole.

Suing A Government Entity

If an accident involves a private bus, then bringing a lawsuit is fairly straightforward. You can make a claim on the bus company’s insurance company or sue them in court. But claims against government entities are different. Generally, the state of Georgia and its municipalities are immune from a lawsuit.

Fortunately, bus accidents typically fall under an exception, so suing is possible. Nevertheless, there are many hoops that a person must jump through, including special deadlines and notices that must be given. The state does not make it easy to protect your rights when the government is to blame.

If you or a loved one was injured on a school bus or MARTA, then you should work closely with an experienced lawyer. Bringing this type of claim is complicated, and people can lose their right to sue if they do not follow proper procedures and meet deadlines.

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