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Eighteen wheelers go by many names, such as “big rigs” and “tractor-trailers.” Regardless of what they are called, these monster vehicles dominate the highways. 18 wheelers transport goods around the country and pull up to stores in Atlanta to offload clothing, produce furniture, and electrical equipment.

If you’ve been hit by an 18 wheeler, you might be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have suffered. Give MG Law a call to schedule a free consultation.

18 Wheelers Cause Devastating Injuries

Many people die in collisions with big rigs. These trucks can ride up over a smaller passenger sedan when they cannot stop in time, or a smaller vehicle gets wedged underneath the trailer. Some big rigs jackknife or rollover, and the trailer swipes at vehicles in adjacent lanes.

Our Atlanta injury lawyers have seen clients suffer from horrifying injuries, including:

  • Fractures
  • Burns
  • Disfiguring cuts or abrasions
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis
  • Brain hemorrhage
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Nerve damage

Victims can suffer multiple injuries at once, leaving them bedridden or requiring surgery. Many injuries are permanent or result in disfiguring scars, which victims will carry for the rest of their lives.

What To Do After An 18 Wheeler Crash

These big rigs are owned and operated by some of the largest companies on the planet. They have mammoth insurance companies in their corner who fight off claims, and they hire armies of attorneys to pour through all evidence of a crash. Within an hour of an accident, the trucking company will probably send an investigator to the scene of the accident to collect evidence.

Any injured victim is at an extreme disadvantage if they do not have a lawyer representing them. At MG Law, we recommend that victims do the following after a truck accident:

  • Call the police to come to the scene of the accident. You might be so badly injured that you cannot move but ask someone else to call.
  • Don’t talk to an investigator. If one shows up at the scene, you don’t have to talk to him. You don’t need to talk even if the person calls you later.
  • Get information about the driver, such as the name and license number. Also, get the number of the truck that was involved in the collision.

Your vehicle will probably have to be towed to a garage and make sure not to get it repaired until an attorney has looked at it.

Discussing Your Accident With An Attorney

Accident victims cannot expect the trucking company or its insurer to look out for their rights. Instead, the right Atlanta truck accident lawyer will know what to do to ensure the most compensation possible following a collision.

After obtaining medical care, we recommend scheduling a free consultation with an attorney as soon as possible. You can discuss what happened in the moments leading up to the collision, as well as what happened later. For example, you might have seen the truck driver drinking an alcoholic beverage when he got out of the cab, or the driver was yawning as if he was sleepy.

Your memories often serve as the starting point of an investigation. To obtain compensation, we need to show that the truck driver or trucking company was negligent in some capacity:

  • Violating federal regulations by driving too many hours
  • Driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol
  • Driving while distracted, such as using a hand-held cell phone or another device
  • Driver error
  • Failure to perform background checks on drivers
  • Failure to perform necessary drug tests
  • Failure to offer adequate training

Truck Accident Victims Deserve Fair Compensation

Big rig collisions leave many victims in serious financial distress and physical pain. The purpose of our legal system is to ensure that victims hold people and entities accountable when their negligent conduct causes avoidable harm.

At MG Law, our team has fought to obtain fair compensation for medical bills, including the costs of ongoing physical therapy. Some people need therapy for years before they can return to normal. Others will need assistance for the rest of their lives.

While you recover, you might be unable to work and lose out on income. We can negotiate to obtain a favorable amount to cover lost income.

Pain and suffering are considerable following serious wrecks, and our lawyers will fight to get a fair amount for our clients. The more serious and life-changing your injuries, the more you might qualify for.

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